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Episode 91 -Interview with Rafer Roberts

rafer sketch


On this weeks episode we interview Rafer Roberts, writer on Valiant Entertainments Archer & Armstrong. Not only is he one hell of a writer he also draws his own comics, Plasticfarm and Nightmare the Rat.


Episode 91 – An Interview with Rafer Roberts

Looking for more information on Rafer? Check out his website:

PlasticFarm website

Valiant Entertainment – The Adventures of Archer & Armstrong


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valiant comics
various Valiant books from C2E2


Episode 90 – Colorist David Baron

David Baron – Colorist

On tonight’s episode we chat with the self proclaimed “Liam Neeson” of the comics world, David Baron. With over twenty years working in the industry, David has been the colorist on such titles as JSA all-stars, Batman Confidential, Batman, The Authority,  Detective Comics, 52 and more. He recently signed exclusively with Valiant Entertainment, his books include Divinity, Divinity 2, Bloodshot Reborn, Book of Death.


Episode 90 – Colorist David Baron


If you would like more information about David, listen to the show! or click the links below:

Davids Deviant Art page

Follow David Baron on Twitter


Episode 69 – January Comics Pics


Episode 69 – January Comics

On this episode we discuss our pics for January and chat a bit about our upcoming trip to C2E2! Let us know what comics you enjoyed the most this month and if you are headed to C2E2!


Pick #1Star Wars #1

Publisher: marvel comics

Art: John Cassaday

Writer: Jason Aaron

Colorist: Laura Martin

Cover: John Cassaday

Characters: Han, Leia, Luke, chewbacca

Synopsis – The gang’s all back causing trouble for the empire and this time they arrive at a weapons factory on Cymoon 1. Han is pretending to be Jabbas emissary to gain access to the facility, their goal is to blow up the main power core. Luke locates prisoners via the force and frees them. There is a nice little shout out to Ben Kenobi as luke severs the hand of the slave master. As they begin their escape Vader arrives, Chewbacca tries to take him out with a sniper rifle. Meanwhile C3P0 is having his own problems with the millennium Falcon which is nearby in a junkyard and luke decides he has to face Darth Vader.



Ratings –

Art – 3.75 out of 5

Story –  5 out of 5


Pick #2 Red Sonja #14

Publisher: Dynamite

Art: Walter Geovani

Writer: Gail Simone

Colorist: Adriano Lucas

Cover: Jenny Frison


Characters: Red Sonja, Havan, Fellan, Wizard

Synopsis Starts in a tavern in a town that Red Sonja had recently saved.  The brother of the wizard Red Sonja comes in and asks for her but she had already left.  He then forces everyone to drink themselves to death.  Next goes to Red Sonja where she runs into Havan.  Who keeps calling her princess and thinks he is her apprentice.  You find out that the wizard she killed had cursed her by removing her forgiveness.  She has a flashback to her family being killed.  She is down to killing the last member who had killed her father the crossbowman Fellan.  Apparently he had tracked her down. He is asking for forgiveness but she can’t forgive men jump out of the woods to protect she starts killing them all.  One asks for forgiveness hiding behind Havan.  Havan begs her to go to her soul.  She sees the wizard she kills and then scream.


Ratings –

Art – 4 out of 5

Story – 4 out of 5


Pick #3 –  King: The Phantom #1

Publisher: Dynamite

Art: Brent Schoonover

Writer: Brian Clevinger

Colorist: Brent Schoonover

Cover: Darwyn Cooke

Characters: The Phantom (Lothar), Mandrake the magician, Guran

Synopsis: This book continues where Kings Watch left off. with the death of the 23rd Phantom, Lothar picks up the mantle to carry on the legacy and to find the remaining Walker family heir. While not having much luck finding the heir, Lothar has a pirate problem that he needs to address. After some head bashing and bullets, The phantom decides to infiltrate the pirates by posing as Gurans body guard. (guran is playing the part of a warlord)

Ratings –

Art – 4 out of 5

Story –  4 out of 5


Pick #4 Reyn #1

Publisher: image

Colorer: Paul Little

Art: Nate Stockholm
Writer: Kel Symons

Characters: Reyn, Seph, Baron


Synopsis Starts out in a farm where a giant spider attacks.  Out of no where Reyn comes in and kills the monster.  He then thanks his god.  Farmer puts him up for the night but wants him to stay so sends his daughter out to sleep with him.  Next thing you know Reyn rides to town Ledwain.  He sees slaves being brought out to the mines.  Next you meet Seph who apparently is the story teller.  She is a mystic of Tek and can use magic and is attacked but fends off 10 men.  She goes into the bar and berates Reyn for not helping her.  You find out that the Baron of Allwyn had wiped out monks along time ago and they think Reyn is one so they send in troops to get him.  They go to the bar where Seph and Reyn are.  Reyn starts talking to himself everyone thinks he is nuts but he just continues on.  Next him and Seph take on all the troops



Ratings –

Art –  4 out of 5

Story – 4 out of 5

TMNT Annual 2014


Written by Tom Waltz

Art by Kevin Eastman

Publisher – IDW Publishing

Pages – 48



Rating – 4 out of 5

“The Turtles are whisked away to another dimension by a stranger – Renet! Forced to fight for their survival in a tournament featuring the greatest warriors in the universe, the brothers will have to master new fighting techniques and forge new alliances. But with the deck stacked against them, their chance of survival is slim!”

I finally started reading my ever growing stack of new comics and decided to start doing a couple reviews. First up I had to discuss the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2014 Annual, which was a lot of fun to read. Eastman brings Renet, the time traveler, back to the TMNT universe. Renet’s first appearance was in TMNT #8 (the original series) and just like the original she is just as absent minded and goofy as ever!

He also introduces a new character/love interest for Renet named Baltizar, a barbarian clearly designed after Barry Windsor Smiths Conan (marvel Conan #1 1970). The turtles and Baltizar are imprisoned in a Roman style arena forced to fight to the death for the “Council”, a group of all powerful beings that have held these battles for a very long time. But most of the members dont agree with the contest and end up siding with Renet and her master.

There are a couple cool references: first Renet makes a time travel comment about weather or not the Turtles have met her yet and their adventure together. (I like the reference but it threw me off because I remember the original stories and got them mixed up with the current Turtles in time story line) The second references the Battle Nexus, which is a yearly event for warriors from around the galaxy to battle each other(and gamble). They basically replace the prison arena for a tournament.

 The Pros & Cons

I thoroughly enjoyed this book! Eastmans art is amazing as always and brought me back to the old days reading TMNT in my bed room as a kid. Eastman makes his “Baltizar” character a BWS Conan tribute, with horned helm and funky tribal necklace. Throw in the Triceraton “Zog” for another throwback to the old days and you get a really fun book to read. The story was kind of a rehash of the original, but the new addition of a couple characters mixed it up a bit. The only real drawback to this book was the price tag. $7.99 kind of hurt the wallet at the register, but the book had no ads and high quality paper to compensate for the price tag, not to mention 48 pages of Kevin Eastman art!   My recommendation is to go out and buy this book. You wont be disappointed. =)

Episode 50 – Batman – Son of the Demon


Episode 50 – Retro Comics



5 out of 5! One of the best Batman Graphic novels we have read yet!

Find it on Ebay

About the creators:

Mike W. Barr

“As I was working on the plot of the story, originally, I had the concept of Talia getting pregnant and then losing the child in some pitched battle, when she was injured in some conflict at the end of the story. But then I realized that as soon as Talia says “I’m pregnant,” the reader, knowing how little permanent change there is in comic books, is going to be waiting for the moment where she says later on in the story “I’ve lost the baby.” They’re going to be waiting for it, they expect that, so she does say that and the reader, at that point, kind of figures “okay, I knew that was coming, that’s fine.” Then, at the end of the story, she was lying about that. She does have the child.

I thought that would be a double-punch that the reader would never forget, and I don’t think any reader ever has forgotten it”.

Read More: Mike W. Barr On Batman: The ComicsAlliance Interview, Part One |

List of works from Comicbookdb

Jerry Bingham


Bio – Comicvine



The Sakai Project

The Sakai Project: Artists Celebrate Thirty Years of “Usagi Yojimbo” HC

The most amazing artists in the world have come together to celebrate thirty years of Stan Sakai’s marvelous samurai rabbit saga, Usagi Yojimbo. The participating artists bring their own interpretations and their own styles to the subject, making this book a one-of-a-kind treasure.

Produced in association with the Comic Art Professional Society (CAPS). All proceeds from this book will go to Stan and Sharon Sakai.

160 pages; HC, 9”x 12”
Yesterday I headed on down to my LCS (the Source Comics & Games) to pick up my copy of The SAKAI Project. I have to say Darkhorse out did themselves on this book. The large 9×12 Hard Cover format is the perfect size and very nicely bound.
I opened the book and went right to the Forward, I wanted to read it before I even looked at the art work inside. Granted I had seen quite a few of the images on the CAPS auctions over the last few weeks, but I felt it might enhance my experience and enjoyment of the book if I read it first.
I have to say it definitely did, the forward was written by Mark Evanier, who works on Sergio Aragone’s Groo the wanderer comic. I wont spoil the forward which is titled SHARED SUFFERING, but I will tell you that it is more than worth your time to read. Mark does a great job detailing the kindness of the Sakais and all of the comic creators that contributed to this book.
Next we have a Preface letter written by Tone Rodriguez, Vice President of the Comic Art Professional Society. This is the man responsible for this project, not just this book but also the ebay auctions of the original pieces. He did all of this just to help out Stan and Sharons medical bills (for those of you that dont know, Sharon was diagnosed with a brain tumor in 2004) and submissions flooded in from around the world.
This book has 157 pages of just art work, many of the pages have multiple images. It is by far the most beautiful tribute to a creator I think I have ever seen. I wanted to showcase a few of my favorite pieces but after only getting a quarter of the way through the book, I decided it would take me several hours to write up a list of creators and their submissions.
Rating: 5 out of 5
If you love Usagi Yojimbo you will love this book. If you dont know Usagi this is a great way to find out why so many people, fans and creators, love this character and mainly the man that created it. Stan Sakai
So please, contact your LCS, DCBS, book store, and order this book. You wont be disappointed and you will be helping a man and his family that have brought so many great adventures to the pages of comic for years.
Thank you Mr. SakaiUsagi Yojimbo Comic Art
My 2008 SDCC commission!

SnarfQuest – The New Adventure!



Hi everyone, I know its been a while since my last post but I think you will like what i’m sharing with you today. I love Larry Elmore, his art style is amazing! Known not only for his amazing Dragon Magazine and Novel covers, his D&D art inspired a generation of artists and gamers. Larry is finally doing a Kickstarter collecting the adventures of SnarfQuest from the pages of Knights of the Dinner Table and finishing the remaining 36 pages of the story. Check out the Kickstarter for all the details and get your copy! You wont regret it!



If you havent read the original stories, head over to Larry’s store. You can purchase the first trade, the Snarf Quest RPG world book. There was also a collectible card game, each set came with a differant miniature of Snarf….. I have all of them =)