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Star Wars – Force Friday Toy’s: Elite Speeder Bike


Next up we have the Elite Speeder Bike with a special edition Storm Trooper and side arm. I have to say I think this is the coolest vehicle in the series. For a speeder bike this one has a lot of updates. “Reserved for the most experienced scouts and high-risk missions, these Elite Speeder Bikes have been upgraded with heavy blasters and powerful new engines.”


The Pros:

  • (5) Blasters, (2)Heavy Blasters: mounted, (2) Medium Blasters: adjustable, (1) Light Blasters: adjustable
  • A bedroll behind the seat(non removable but its so cool that its there!)
  • Very detailed toy
  • Unique Storm Trooper with bendable legs(at the knees) and arms are molded differently than the standard storm trooper
  • Open the instrument panel to reveal the engine(maintenance time!)
  • Awesome paint scheme: Gloss Black, Red-orange, greys and Silver and a painted instrument panel
  • The Speeder also separates in the middle to continue the exploding theme for the vehicles



IMG_0094 IMG_0095


The Cons:

  • The figure doesnt fit very well on the speeder, kind of a half standing pose
  • Like all of this series of Storm troopers his legs dont move very far and you wont be able to sit (L  shape position)
  • The figures hand doesn’t fit on the speeders handle controls (I think I got one hand to hold on but didnt want to push it because it might break a thumb off like the old days)




Rodney – 4.5 out of 5

Is it perfect? No it isnt, but over all I really like the design of this speeder and the look of the storm trooper. From a collectors stand point this will look awesome on a shelf with the storm trooper threatening some poor deluded alien.

My son – 4.5 out of 5

From his point of view he thinks its a cool speeder but was a bit annoyed at the trooper not fitting on the bike. It was fun watching him load a trooper on to the front of it like a stretcher. I think he wants a troop transport!

#forcefriday #forceawakens

Star Wars – Force Friday Toys: Poe’s X-wing


So the other day I thought to myself, “Self, you need an X-wing”. Well my mind wasnt wrong, I have never owned an x-wing from any release of the toy line. In fact the only ship I ever got was the Snow speeder from the Empire strikes back(I still own it and it works great!). After reading about all of the new toys I decided it was time to spend some money and I have a six year old boy who agreed with me completely. For a complete list of toys check out this link .


Part 1 – Poe’s X-wing Fighter w/ Poe Dameron

First up is the Box art which is amazing on all of the new toys, features a very cool painted battle scene, its very eye catching. The X-wing itself is very simple and has a nose cone and laser cannons that are designed to come off the craft if it takes “Damage” (i.e. the boy drops it or smashes into something).

The Pros:

  • A very nice redesign of the classic X-wing with the new BB-8 astromech behind the pilot
  • Cool new paint scheme, although having it look like the x-wings in the trailer would have made more sense.
  • They use the same mechanism to open and close the x-foil wings as previous versions
  • Poe Dameron comes with a removable helmet and side arm which fits nicely into a hip holster.
  • It has a fire-able missile on the bottom of the fuselage – Good range!


The Cons:

  • The X-wing has no sound effects
  • It took us a while to get the canopy closed while Poe had his flight helmet on, but if you move his legs further down it will close. The figure fits very snug in the cockpit( i didnt mind but my son got mad a few times because he couldnt remove him from the x-wing.
  • I wish the front landing pad was spring loaded like the old school snow speeder. This one has a simple pull down model.



Rodney – 3.5 out of 5

This is a solid fun toy, but it does have a few drawbacks from a 42 year old mans point of view. I would have like to see some electronic sounds, spring loaded front landing gear and a few more stickers for the body. At $49.99 you dont get much for the price, that being said, if you can get it for $40 buy it.

My son – 4 out of 5

He doesnt like the sculpt of Poe’s face “hes got an ugly face and the guns are all bent. They wont shoot straight!” But other than that he loves his X-wing!


Episode 22 – RPG Corner – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles




On this episode of RPG Corner we head back to Palladium Books to talk Turtles and other mutated animals! Between AD&D games we found this sweet rpg which I instantly had to play! Turtles man! If anyone has played this, we would love to hear from you! Leave us a message and tell us what animal you played and what you liked or didnt like about the system. I also added a list of all the supplements that came out for TMNT.

TMNT Books and Supplements:


TMNT and other Strangeness

Price: $9.95

Page Count:110

Date Published:1985

Publisher: Palladium Books

TMNT – After the Bomb

Price: $5.95

Page Count: 49

Date Published: 1986

Publisher:Palladium Books

Road Hogs – Supplement

        Price: $7.95

Page Count: 48

Date Published:1986

Publisher: Palladium Books

Mutants Down Under (heroes unlimited and TMNT Supplement)

        Price: $7.95

Page Count: 48

Date Published:1988

Publisher: Palladium Books


TMNT _ Guide to the Universe (TMNT Supplement)

        Price: $7.95

Page Count: 48

Date Published:1987

Publisher: Palladium Books

Truckin’ Turtles

        Price: $7.95

Page Count: 48

Date Published:1989

Publisher: Palladium Books

Transdimensional – TMNT (compatible w/ Heroes Unlimited, Beyond the Supernatural and TMNT)

        Price: $11.95

Page Count: 112

Date Published:1989

Publisher: Palladium Books

Turtles go Hollywood (heroes unlimited and TMNT Supplement)

        Price: $7.95

Page Count: 48

Date Published:1990

Publisher: Palladium Books

Mutants of the Yucatan (Heroes Unlimited, Ninjas & Superspies, TMNT and Rifts)

        Price: $7.95

Page Count: 48

Date Published:1990

Publisher: Palladium Books

TMNT RPG accessory Pack (TMNT and Heroes Unlimited Supplement)

        Price: $11.95

Page Count: 25 adventure + 2 GM Screens (after the bomb & TMNT)

Date Published:1990

Publisher: Palladium Books

Mutants in Avalon (adventure and source book for After the bomb & Rifts)

        Price: $7.95

Page Count: 80

Date Published:1991

Publisher: Palladium Books

Mutants in Orbit (adventure and source book for After the bomd & Rifts)

        Price: $7.95

Page Count: 112

Date Published:1992

Publisher: Palladium Books

tmnt minis

Early on you could purchase TMNT miniatures to go along with your game. You can find them on ebay from time to time but they arent cheap.


Dont forget about all the toys that are available, most of which are based off the animated tv series.

New Doctor Who Toys


Today I want to show you a few Doctor Who Toys that are available now here in the US, and in the UK. Lets jump right in:


Doctor Who Revelation of the Dalek’s Collectors Set $59.99 (list price)

This Item can be found at AMAZON.COM


Doctor Who Davros and Imperial Dalek Action Figure $45.99


Doctor Who Victory of the Daleks Collectors’ Set $34.99 – I love this toy!


Doctor Who “Silver Nemesis” Cyber Leader & Cyberman Figure Set of 2 $41.99 (list price)


Doctor Who The Three Doctors Action Figure 3-Pack $44.99


Doctor Who Genesis of the Daleks Action Figure Set $65.99

wave 1

Doctor Who Doctor and Dalek Sets Wave 1 Set $134.99 for all 3

Now over in the UK you can get your hands on a lot more items; here are a few that caught my eye:


Doctor Who Talking Plush K9 £26.99 Available for pre-order at (expected delivery date Jan. 30th 2014)


Doctor Who Anniversary: 12-inch 50th Anniversary Collector Edition Dalek  £38.33


Doctor Who 11 Doctors Action Figure Set £66.99


Doctor Who Eleventh Doctor Mr. Potato Head £15.95


Doctor Who Dalek Mr. Potato Head £14.99 

I will say that I am rather annoyed by the cost of all of the Doctor Who toys. I realize we are in the US and that they will cost more here but the thought of spending $34-$110 + on a toy makes me cringe. But I own a Tardis, Dalek, and a K9(action figure). So they have received some of my cash already! lol Let me know if you have any of the new DOCTOR WHO Toys and which ones are your favorite.

Regular Show – Action figures!

As I was fighting the crowds at Toys -R- Us collecting up toys for Christmas, I came across the Regular show line of toys! Stands to reason that Cartoon Network was going to release them, but I never thought to look for them before. Here is a run down of whats available:

2″ Action Figure Collectors 6 Pack: $22.99

7″ Plush – Pops, Skips, Benson: $7.99 each Mordecia and Rigby: $8.99 each

10″ Deluxe Pull String Plush – Rigby and Mordecia: $17.99 each

3″ “Super Poseable” Action Figure: Mordecia and Rigby – $6.99 each

3″ Action Figure: Retro – Mordecia and Retro – Rigby – $6.99 each

3″ Pull Back Vehicle – Mordecia and Rigby: $8.99 each

These can all be found at your local Toys-R-Us or on thier online store: HERE
I love Regular Show and wanted to share these with you =)