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Episode 91 -Interview with Rafer Roberts

rafer sketch


On this weeks episode we interview Rafer Roberts, writer on Valiant Entertainments Archer & Armstrong. Not only is he one hell of a writer he also draws his own comics, Plasticfarm and Nightmare the Rat.


Episode 91 – An Interview with Rafer Roberts

Looking for more information on Rafer? Check out his website:

PlasticFarm website

Valiant Entertainment – The Adventures of Archer & Armstrong


A&A poster


valiant comics
various Valiant books from C2E2


Episode 64 – 2014 Year in Review



Well…. two years ago Roy and I decided to try out our own podcast and luckily for me its still going strong. Season 2 almost never happened, but Greg jumped in and asked “what topic should we do this week?” That one question allowed us to kick out over 36 episodes! We have had a few quest hosts join us on the show, Chris(the Randomizer), Kayleah(titty sprinkles) and Uriel(the Dancing Bear) all of which have made the show a lot more entertaining! As we close out December and move into 2015 we just want thank everyone for listening and we hope you continue too into season 3!

GMP- TV Quick Pics – Znation


Welcome to a new series of episodes we are calling the Geeks Menagerie Podcast – TV Quick Pics. This time Roy came up with the idea to watch a TV episode then record during the commercial breaks. This week we watched SyFy channels Znation.

Episode 1 – Znation

Let us know if you like the show(ours or Znation)


March Episodes !

Hello everyone!  I just wanted to give you a heads up on upcoming episodes of the show. The next two weeks we are celebrating everything SUPERNATURAL, the hit tv series airing on the CW and the RPG Core book from Margaret Weis productions.

As some of you know March is the 30th Anniversary of Dragonlance! And to celebrate my favorite D&D world we will be discussing some select books and RPG material to round out the month of March!

Episode 28 – The Dresden Files


Episode – 28

On this episode of the Geeks Menagerie, The Rambler (Greg) and The Dancing Bear (Uriel) Join me (Greenloontern) to discuss / review the Dresden Files Novels and TV series. So listen now or download it for later but listen! Dont forget to subscribe to the podcast on ITUNES Thanks for listening everyone! Let us know what you think!

Click here to find out more about the books!
Click here to check out the TV series Wiki

You can watch the Dresden Files for free online on HULU and Amazon Prime.

Click here to investigate the Dresden Files RPG!
Click here to check out the Comic and original graphic novels.


Episode 26 – Super Heroes & Powers


Hello again everyone! Time for another awesome episode of the Geeks Menagerie Podcast!. This week we chat about our favorite heroes, villains and super powers! Please join us in continuing the discussion, who is your favorite hero and villain? What powers would you want to wield?


Upcoming Episodes

Hello everyone! Welcome to 2014 and Season 2 of the Geeks Menagerie Podcast! We have a great year planned for the show including our official new addition to show: Greg Klein “the Rambler”. Greg is a fellow geek with many years of gaming, comics and everything else we enjoy talking about. So here is a quick run down of our upcoming episodes:


Season 2 – Episode 26 Super Heroes and powers

Episode 27 Psych!

Episode 28 RetroComics – Death: the high cost of Living or Star Wars: Dark Empire


We even have a couple returning special guests joining us! So besure to download and listen! Thanks again for listening and we hope you all have a wonderful 2014.

Episode 19 – Animation 101: Venture Brothers


  Episode 19: The Venture Bros

Voice Actors:

Christopher McCulloch (Jackson Publick)

… Hank Venture, The Monarch, Sgt. Hatred, Henchman 24, Steve Summers, Sasquatch, Mr. White, Race Bannon, Col. Gentleman, Action Man and a lot more! / … (66 episodes, 2003-2013)

Michael Sinterniklaas    …        Dean Venture / … (61 episodes, 2003-2013)

James Urbaniak …        Dr. Venture, Phantom Limb / … (57 episodes, 2003-2013)

Patrick Warburton…     Brock Samson / … (56 episodes, 2003-2013)

Doc Hammer    …        Henchman 21, Billy Quizboy, Dr. Girlfriend(Dr. Mrs. The Monarch), Shore Leave, Henchman 1 / … (51 episodes, 2004-2013)

Steven Rattazzi…          Dr. Orpheus / … (27 episodes, 2004-2012)

Soul-Bot          …        H.E.L.P.eR. (25 episodes, 2003-2008)

Paul Boocock   …        Dr. Jonas Venture / … (18 episodes, 2004-2010)

Lisa Hammer    …        Triana Orpheus / … (18 episodes, 2003-2010)

Mia Barron       …        Molotov Cocktease / … (16 episodes, 2004-2013)

Dana Snyder    …        The Alchemist / … (14 episodes, 2006-2013)

Charles Parnell …         Jefferson Twilight / … (11 episodes, 2004-2012)

Brendon Small …          Action Johnny / … (10 episodes, 2006-2009)

Nina Hellman    …        Kim / … (9 episodes, 2004-2008)

T. Ryder Smith …         Baron Ünterbheit / … (6 episodes, 2004-2010)

Joanna Adler    …        Myra Brandish / … (5 episodes, 2006-2008)

Toby Huss        …        General Treister / … (4 episodes, 2008-2010)

H. Jon Benjamin …       The Master (4 episodes, 2006-2012)

Bill Hader…      Professor Impossible / … (3 episodes, 2010)

Stephen Colbert …       Professor Impossible (2 episodes, 2004-2006)

Terrence Fleming …      Col. Bud Manstrong (2 episodes, 2004-2006)


Venture Brothers Action Figures!