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RPGCON V – Part 1

rpgconprint 1

Coming to a small work place office next weekend, I will be hosting the fifth annual RPGCON. I put this event together in the hopes of expanding our player pool, try out new games and introduce new players to role playing games in general. Back in 2012 on a random day in March RPGCON 1 was born. This free, invite only convention brought gamers from other groups together for a 10 hour day of role playing! I came up with this crazy idea to have the day split in half. Three games in the morning, then three other GM’s would take over new games for the afternoon.

Needless to say this went horribly wrong, games ran late, one game group merged with another game, Total chaos! At the end of the day each GM got to pick a reward from a selection of graphic novels  that I had brought to the event. Then each GM picked the best player in his group to pick a prize. Everyone had a great time but I know I had to make changes if I was going to continue my little convention the following year.

A Few Convention Badges (2012-2015)

Now the con had to be stream lined since I realized the mistakes I had made the previous year. First up games would be played all day with a short break for lunch (We do a potluck signup each year). To make it feel more like an actual convention I started making badges for all the attendees. Its become a tradition that I am very proud of and I really enjoy designing the badges. Not much has changed over the last couple years, the average amount of attendees is around 20 people which allows us to keep the games at a reasonable 4 players per game. Plus we have had a great group of GM’s that volunteer each year. Here is a list of the games we have played thus far:

AD&D – 1st & 2nd & 5th editions


A Song of Fire & Ice

Robotech / Robotech RPG Tactics

Harn – Zombie Apocalypse

Marvel Super Heroes 

Savage Worlds – Gas Light

D6 Space adventure

Legend of the Five Rings


  • to be continued with this years 5th anniversary special

Episode 70 – RPG Corner


Episode 70 – Castles & Crusades

We are currently playing Castles and we love this system! 4 out of 5 dead goblins agree! Join us in our discussion of this truly fun RPG. Let us know what you think of this system!

Valiant Universe RPG – Coming this Summer


The Valiant Universe Roleplaying Game is currently under development. A free PDF of the Quick-Start Rules (with characters and events focusing on the Unity comics) will be available on May 3rd, Free Comic Book Day 2014. A free, print version of the Quick-Start Rules (with the same rules but characters and events focusing on the Harbinger Wars crossover event from 2013) will be available on June 21st, Free RPG Day 2014.

The Core Rulebook for the RPG will be available late Summer (continue looking at for specific details of when it’ll be available, as well as for weekly blogs discussing the development of Valiant (as well as all Catalyst games)).


So with this exciting announcement will you be picking up this RPG?

Episode 34 – RPG Corner: Supernatural



Episode 34 – RPG Corner: Supernatural


On this episode of RPG Corner we go thru character creation featuring Edward Slowski our intrepid new hunter. Click on the following link to download the PDF character sheet: Edward Slowski




The guide to the hunted and Adventures books are a great addition to the core rules book. Although we have found it rather hard to find copies of these books at a reasonable price. Your best bet would be a used book store or ebay. Let us know if you have played the Supernatural RPG of used the CORTEX system in a game.