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Episode 91 -Interview with Rafer Roberts

rafer sketch


On this weeks episode we interview Rafer Roberts, writer on Valiant Entertainments Archer & Armstrong. Not only is he one hell of a writer he also draws his own comics, Plasticfarm and Nightmare the Rat.


Episode 91 – An Interview with Rafer Roberts

Looking for more information on Rafer? Check out his website:

PlasticFarm website

Valiant Entertainment – The Adventures of Archer & Armstrong


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valiant comics
various Valiant books from C2E2


Episode 90 – Colorist David Baron

David Baron – Colorist

On tonight’s episode we chat with the self proclaimed “Liam Neeson” of the comics world, David Baron. With over twenty years working in the industry, David has been the colorist on such titles as JSA all-stars, Batman Confidential, Batman, The Authority,  Detective Comics, 52 and more. He recently signed exclusively with Valiant Entertainment, his books include Divinity, Divinity 2, Bloodshot Reborn, Book of Death.


Episode 90 – Colorist David Baron


If you would like more information about David, listen to the show! or click the links below:

Davids Deviant Art page

Follow David Baron on Twitter


Episode #40 – Author Maxwell Alexander Drake



Episode 40 – Author Maxwell Alexander Drake & the 30th Anniversary Snarf Quest Kickstarter Part 1


On tonight’s episode, Roy and I chat with author Maxwell Alexander Drake on his novels, comics, Everquest Next and his involvement with the new 30th Anniversary Edition of Snarf Quest! So please enjoy our interview and share it with your friends!

Short Stories for EverQuest Next

The Stars of Home

Prison of Fire

Rise of the Ring

The Enemy of my Enemy

The Last Stand of the Tier’Dal





 You can find more information on everything Larry Elmore is working on HERE and Purchase prints along with books, so go check it out!!


Down fall

 Click on the image above to read the 10 page preview of Downfall!