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Episode 87 – A farewell to Clara



Episode 87 – Doctor Who Special 


After a long break, the Rambler and Greenloontern are finally back with a new episode! We discuss our absence, gaming, upcoming ideas, and of coarse the end of Clara as the Doctors companion.

Episode 24 – The Day of the Doctor


Hello everyone and welcome back to another episode of the Geeks Menagerie! On this special episode Mr. Greg Klein joins me once again to discuss Doctor Who! We talk highlights from the special 50th anniversary episode and we look into the past doctors and into the future of Peter Capaldi.


The  Five(ish) Doctors Rebooted

In honor of K9 I decided to add this (also a couple sound clips have been added to the episode):

Here is all of the Doctor Who opening Themes from 1963 – 2013


New Doctor Who Toys


Today I want to show you a few Doctor Who Toys that are available now here in the US, and in the UK. Lets jump right in:


Doctor Who Revelation of the Dalek’s Collectors Set $59.99 (list price)

This Item can be found at AMAZON.COM


Doctor Who Davros and Imperial Dalek Action Figure $45.99


Doctor Who Victory of the Daleks Collectors’ Set $34.99 – I love this toy!


Doctor Who “Silver Nemesis” Cyber Leader & Cyberman Figure Set of 2 $41.99 (list price)


Doctor Who The Three Doctors Action Figure 3-Pack $44.99


Doctor Who Genesis of the Daleks Action Figure Set $65.99

wave 1

Doctor Who Doctor and Dalek Sets Wave 1 Set $134.99 for all 3

Now over in the UK you can get your hands on a lot more items; here are a few that caught my eye:


Doctor Who Talking Plush K9 £26.99 Available for pre-order at (expected delivery date Jan. 30th 2014)


Doctor Who Anniversary: 12-inch 50th Anniversary Collector Edition Dalek  £38.33


Doctor Who 11 Doctors Action Figure Set £66.99


Doctor Who Eleventh Doctor Mr. Potato Head £15.95


Doctor Who Dalek Mr. Potato Head £14.99 

I will say that I am rather annoyed by the cost of all of the Doctor Who toys. I realize we are in the US and that they will cost more here but the thought of spending $34-$110 + on a toy makes me cringe. But I own a Tardis, Dalek, and a K9(action figure). So they have received some of my cash already! lol Let me know if you have any of the new DOCTOR WHO Toys and which ones are your favorite.

Dr. Who – The Five Doctors – New audio book

I was checking out the Nerdist website on lunch today and found out this awesome news:

Big Finish, the people who do the range of Doctor Who audio plays featuring five of the previous Doctors and a slew of old companions, have announced that they will be celebrating the show’s 50th Anniversary with a 100-minute, multi-Doctor extravaganza entitled “The Light at the End,” which will feature Tom Baker, Peter Davison, Colin Baker, Sylvester McCoy, and Paul McGann (the Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, Seventh, and Eighth Doctors, respectively) teaming up to fight everybody’s favorite jerk, the Master, played by Geoffrey Beevers, who portrayed the evil Time Lord in 1981′s “The Keeper of Traken.”
To help, each Doctor will also have a companion; Leela (Louise Jameson), Nyssa (Sarah Sutton), Peri (Nicola Bryant), Ace (Sophie Aldred), and Charley Pollard (India Fisher).
Here’s a blurb from the press released from Big
“We wanted to do a proper, fully-fledged multi-Doctor story for this very special occasion,” says writer, director and executive producer Nicholas Briggs, “and it’s wonderful that all the surviving Doctors threw themselves behind the project so enthusiastically. That’s not to say the first three Doctors don’t appear – we wanted to pay homage to the whole history of the classic series.”

Could you survive as the doctors companion?

Take this 10 question personality quiz to see if you can handle being the Doctors companion. I’m proud to say I made it!

Your result: Congratulations! You made it unscathed! 

OK, you may have lost a loved one or two along the way and you probably haven’t got out of the TARDIS in the same place and time you got in, but trust me, in comparison with some travellers, you have done very well!

Ok so its not the greatest quiz but it was kind of fun!

watch out for killer snowmen!

Doctor Who Miniature Games!

I wanted to share a couple of very cool websites with you guys. First up from the Doctor Who-verse

SECOND EMPIRE – This is a CG-Dalek webcomic

CROOKED DICE GAME DESIGN – A UK based game design company that does miniatures and games (they also have a mini that looks suspiciously like the 11th Doctor and Amy) =)

DOCTOR WHO MINIATURE GAME – Awesome site with rules for the dr. who miniature game(2nd edition)

DOCTOR WHO MINIATURES – This site sells some 28mm generic sci-fi figures(from Crooked Dice Designs) and a few of them might look familiar to you. sold

NOBLE KNIGHT GAMES – Doctor Who FASA edition 25mm/28mm (1986)

BLACK TREE DESIGNS – They have a ton of 28mm Doctor who minis ranging from the 1-8th doctors plus collectors sets.