Episode 87 – A farewell to Clara



Episode 87 – Doctor Who Special 


After a long break, the Rambler and Greenloontern are finally back with a new episode! We discuss our absence, gaming, upcoming ideas, and of coarse the end of Clara as the Doctors companion.

One thought on “Episode 87 – A farewell to Clara”

  1. Clara was like-able but her stay was a bit long. It was time for the character to leave and I believe her exit was well done. She has always been associated with a sacrificial charism and that is much to be applauded. I could have done without a great deal of the neo-feminism, however.

    I, too, would like to see a return of Romana but at this point I am concerned that the character would be little more than “Clara II” or “River Song II”. At this point, I am leaning toward a male companion in the mold of the Glover/Gibson combo or even the Holmes/Watson kind. Even a Shatner/Nimoy friendship would be most welcome. The “metrosexuals” need not apply.

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