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RPGCON V – Part 1

rpgconprint 1

Coming to a small work place office next weekend, I will be hosting the fifth annual RPGCON. I put this event together in the hopes of expanding our player pool, try out new games and introduce new players to role playing games in general. Back in 2012 on a random day in March RPGCON 1 was born. This free, invite only convention brought gamers from other groups together for a 10 hour day of role playing! I came up with this crazy idea to have the day split in half. Three games in the morning, then three other GM’s would take over new games for the afternoon.

Needless to say this went horribly wrong, games ran late, one game group merged with another game, Total chaos! At the end of the day each GM got to pick a reward from a selection of graphic novels  that I had brought to the event. Then each GM picked the best player in his group to pick a prize. Everyone had a great time but I know I had to make changes if I was going to continue my little convention the following year.

A Few Convention Badges (2012-2015)

Now the con had to be stream lined since I realized the mistakes I had made the previous year. First up games would be played all day with a short break for lunch (We do a potluck signup each year). To make it feel more like an actual convention I started making badges for all the attendees. Its become a tradition that I am very proud of and I really enjoy designing the badges. Not much has changed over the last couple years, the average amount of attendees is around 20 people which allows us to keep the games at a reasonable 4 players per game. Plus we have had a great group of GM’s that volunteer each year. Here is a list of the games we have played thus far:

AD&D – 1st & 2nd & 5th editions


A Song of Fire & Ice

Robotech / Robotech RPG Tactics

Harn – Zombie Apocalypse

Marvel Super Heroes 

Savage Worlds – Gas Light

D6 Space adventure

Legend of the Five Rings


  • to be continued with this years 5th anniversary special

Episode 53 – Dragons of Spring Dawning



Episode 53 – We love the Chronicles!



Greenloontern’s Dragonlance novel recommendations:


1. The Magic of Krynn

2. Kender, Gully Dwarves and Gnomes

3. Love and War


1. The Legend of Huma

2. Stormblade

3. Weasels Luck

Elven Nations

1. First Born

2. The Kinslayer Wars

3. The Qualinesti

Defenders of Magic

1. Night of the Eye

2. The Medusa Plague

3. The Seventh Sentinel

The Dhamon Saga

1. Downfall

2.  Betrayal

3. Redemption

Elven Exiles

1. Sanctuary

2. Alliances

3. Destiny




The Ramblers Dragonlance novel recommendations:


1. Time of the Twins

2. War of the Twins

3. Test of the Twins

Defenders of Magic

1. Night of the Eye

2. The Medusa Plague

3. The Seventh Sentinel



1. Legend of Huma

Lost Legends

1. Vinas Solamnus

The Raistlin Chronicles

1. Soul Forge

2. Brothers in Arms

Dragons of a New Age

1. Dawning of a New Age

2. The Day of the Tempest

3. The Eve of the Maelstrom


D&D 5th edition


Hi there! We want to invite you all to join in the discussion regarding character creation for the newest edition of D&D. Episode 54 will be released September 7th and we want you to chime in! Let us know what you think of the players handbook, classes, character creation, new rules(advantages/disadvantages, superiority dice ect.)


You can comment here or over at the Forums or Facebook

Episode 51 – D&D 5th Edition


Episode 51 – D&D starter Set

Hello everyone and welcome to this weeks episode! So we recorded this last weekend and it went in a direction none of us expected. I have to say, we where all really impressed with the basic rules and I’m looking forward to receiving my copy of the players handbook on the 15th.

If you are interested in picking up a copy of the Basic starter set, it is available now and the Players hand book is available in select stores now, but the official release date is August 15th. I would recommend ordering a copy from, pre-order cost is $20 off list($49.95). If you have tried out 5th edition let us know what you think of it.

Episode 42 – DragonLance Chronicles Book II




 Episode 42 – Dragons of Winter Night


On this episode of the Menagerie, The Rambler and Greenloontern discuss and review Dragons of Winter Night. Let us know what you love about Dragons of Winter Night! Keep an eye out for more Dragonlance review all summer!

Episode 37 – Dragons of Autumn Twilight



Episode 37 – The Dragonlance Chronicles – Book I: Dragons of Autumn Twilight 


This week we continue our Dragonlance discussion with a look at the book that started it all – Dragons of Autumn Twilight!



Episode 36 – Dragonlance & the world of Krynn


Episode 36 – Dragonlance

This week the Rambler and I discuss the world of Krynn, our favorite novels, characters and Authors. If you have never read a Dragonlance novel, here are a few links to information on the world and Authors.

List of Novels by author and website:

Tracy Hickman – Website

Margaret Weis  – Website

Douglas Niles  – Website

Richard A. Knaack  – Website

Jean Rabe    – Website

AD&D material and Fan sites

Dragonlance Nexus

Dragonlance RPG books

PDF downloads – DrivethruRPG


Larry Elmore’s web site!

The Dragonlance Nexus is the greatest community for Dragonlance fans! You need to check it out! Not only that but they also have their own PODCAST – The Dragonlance Canticle! Please check it out!

Darksword Miniatures – Dragonlance update 1

So yesterday I was at my local comics shop(the Source comics & games) and I decided to look through the Darksword miniatures for anything new that might catch my eye. Well apparently I havent looked at them in a while because I was shocked to see the mini’s that lay be fore me in the display case.


I had rediscovered the Heroes of the Lance! Now I have to tell you that I own the original Ral Partha Dragonlance Heroes box set and lets face it they arent great sculpts to say the least.


But they where great for when they came out and I used them in many a game. So lets get into my picks for a DarkSword version of the Heroes:


First up we have Tanis half-Elven (DSM-7434)


Sturm Brightblade (DSM-7440)



Laurana (Knight of Solamnia) (DSM-4114)



Fizban/Paladine (DSM-4111)                                  Raistlin Majere (DSM-7439)



Caramon Majere (DSM-7524)    Flint Fireforge (DSM-1184)



Goldmoon (DSM- 4110)              Tika Waylan (DSM-1103)

I would  add a staff to Goldmoon so she looks closer to the original Partha mini.


Kitiara Early years version                  Dragon Highlord Kitiara


Note: The names listed are character names, not the names of the miniatures. The DSM # is the product sku, this way you can find them on the Darksword site or at your local Hobby/Comic shop

There you have it, my picks for the updated Heroes of the lance miniatures. I know what your thinking ” You didnt pick Riverwind or Tasslehoff Burfoot!” and your right, I havent found a mini for Tas yet but I did see one that would work well for Riverwind but I cant find the mini on their site. when I do i’ll add it to the list. Let me know what you think!

Left to Right: Fizban, Sturm, Flint, Raistlin

Raistlin, Flint, Tanis in primer

Dungeons & Dragons – 3.5 Animated Character stats

As a follow up to our Dungeons and Dragons episode in which we touched a bit on the D&D Animated series from the 80’s I wanted to share the character bios and magic weapon stats from the DVD box set. All the following information was created for the 3.5 edition of Dungeons & Dragons. You might be wondering why I have a picture of Pierce Hawthorne (Chevy Chase – Community) at the top of the post. Well its quite simple actually, as you read the following, picture Pierce’s voice in your head =)

And finally the map of the Animated World