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Episode 39 – Batman Beyond


Episode 39: Animation 101 – Batman Beyond


On this weeks episode the Rambler, the Randomizer and Greenloontern discuss the classic 1999 series Batman Beyond!


Check out this sites for a list of :

Classic Cartoons

Batman Beyond Toys

Episode Guide

Comic Books: 

There have also been several comics featuring these stories. Countdown to Final Crisis introduces Earth-12 in the Multiverse, a universe entirely populated by Beyond versions of characters. Terry McGinnis has also been introduced into the regularDC UniverseBatman Beyond was created by Alan BurnettPaul DiniBruce Timmand Glen Murakami, first appearing in the episode Rebirth of the animated series. (1999Grant Morrison adapted the mythos into mainstream continuity in Batman#700. (2010)


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Episode 26 – Super Heroes & Powers


Hello again everyone! Time for another awesome episode of the Geeks Menagerie Podcast!. This week we chat about our favorite heroes, villains and super powers! Please join us in continuing the discussion, who is your favorite hero and villain? What powers would you want to wield?


RPG Finds!

Once again Half Price Books came through for me in a big way. I stopped by one location near me that rarely has any unique RPG books but I was going into withdrawal so I figured I would stop in and check. To my shock and excitement I found the original 1985 DCHEROES RPG Box Set. Now you may say ” yeah whats your point? I’ve found used box sets before, whats the big deal?” The big deal is that this set has never been used! The box is in excellent shape, all of the player character cards are intact, even the plastic stands for the small card board characters (desktop combat miniatures) have never been separated. The GM screen and all of the books are perfect, no pen/pencil marks, tares or creases. They dont even look like they where opened. Got it for $35 -15% discount coupon

I also grabbed this supplement for the DC Universe RPG: Directive on Superpowers. This cool book gives you more powers to choose from for your character creation. I love these supplements. Thats it for this installment of cool stuff I found to increase my Horde!

DCU online

Greenloontern – lvl 29 Hero

So I received an email from SOE regarding coming back to the game free for a couple weeks and said what the heck!  I wish I had more time to play all the MMO s I have to play but its all good. Has anyone else played or is currently playing DCUO?

Silverknife – lvl 9 Villian

Super speed and Ice generation powers!