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Episode 34 – RPG Corner: Supernatural



Episode 34 – RPG Corner: Supernatural


On this episode of RPG Corner we go thru character creation featuring Edward Slowski our intrepid new hunter. Click on the following link to download the PDF character sheet: Edward Slowski




The guide to the hunted and Adventures books are a great addition to the core rules book. Although we have found it rather hard to find copies of these books at a reasonable price. Your best bet would be a used book store or ebay. Let us know if you have played the Supernatural RPG of used the CORTEX system in a game.

Episode 33 – Supernatural



On this weeks episode Roy, the Rambler and I (Greenloontern) discuss the Supernatural TV show and related materials. Be sure to watch this weeks all new episode of Supernatural, season 9 episode 15 – “Thinman” the Ghost Chasers return!!

As a little extra information I  am adding the following links for you to find out more about the series:

Supernatural Convention schedule

Supernatural Wiki

Watch Supernatural online – You can also watch episodes on Netflix and Hulu Plus

Supernatural Comics

Supernatural Novels

Upcoming 2 episode mega event!



Coming in three weeks! We are celebrating Supernatural with not 1 but 2 episodes dedicated to the series! Thats right, the first one will focus on the long running TV series, comics and more! While the second episode will be another RPG Corner featuring the Supernatural RPG (Cortex system)!

If you would like to comment on the series, comics or RPG (good or bad) comment below and we will read it on the show! Come on people join in the discussion!

Mutants and Masterminds – Supernatural Hand Book

There are Things That Go Bump in the Night…
The Supernatural Handbook is a sourcebook of heroic horror for the Mutants & Masterminds Superhero Roleplaying Game. It lays out the elements for a successful M&M game in which the strange and paranormal are true and a few lone heroes struggle against the Things That Go Bump in the Night.
The Supernatural Handbook includes:
  • Detailed information on character creation, horror-themed series, and adventure design.
  • A complete system for building your own supernatural menaces for your heroes to hunt (or to hunt them…).
  • New hero and villain archetypes like the Curse-Burdened Adventurer, Noble Monster, Dark Emissary, and Inhuman Juggernaut.
  • ARCADE (American Research Center for the Arcane Defense of Earth), a new organization whose agents wage a secret war every night.
Join the fight against ancient evils and occult menaces with the Supernatural Handbook!
You’re Not Afraid… Are you?

Hello everyone, Loontern here, I wanted to share a new source book for Mutants & Masterminds. The Supernatural Handbook looks to be a great addition to this super hero RPG. I love any system that adds a cool supernatural twist to its game setting and I cant wait to pick up this book. Since I havent read the book yet I’ll share a couple preview pages from the Green Ronin website. So take a look and go out and buy this book! It looks great.