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Episode 50 – Batman – Son of the Demon


Episode 50 – Retro Comics



5 out of 5! One of the best Batman Graphic novels we have read yet!

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About the creators:

Mike W. Barr

“As I was working on the plot of the story, originally, I had the concept of Talia getting pregnant and then losing the child in some pitched battle, when she was injured in some conflict at the end of the story. But then I realized that as soon as Talia says “I’m pregnant,” the reader, knowing how little permanent change there is in comic books, is going to be waiting for the moment where she says later on in the story “I’ve lost the baby.” They’re going to be waiting for it, they expect that, so she does say that and the reader, at that point, kind of figures “okay, I knew that was coming, that’s fine.” Then, at the end of the story, she was lying about that. She does have the child.

I thought that would be a double-punch that the reader would never forget, and I don’t think any reader ever has forgotten it”.

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