SnarfQuest – The New Adventure!



Hi everyone, I know its been a while since my last post but I think you will like what i’m sharing with you today. I love Larry Elmore, his art style is amazing! Known not only for his amazing Dragon Magazine and Novel covers, his D&D art inspired a generation of artists and gamers. Larry is finally doing a Kickstarter collecting the adventures of SnarfQuest from the pages of Knights of the Dinner Table and finishing the remaining 36 pages of the story. Check out the Kickstarter for all the details and get your copy! You wont regret it!



If you havent read the original stories, head over to Larry’s store. You can purchase the first trade, the Snarf Quest RPG world book. There was also a collectible card game, each set came with a differant miniature of Snarf….. I have all of them =)

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