Episode 33 – Supernatural



On this weeks episode Roy, the Rambler and I (Greenloontern) discuss the Supernatural TV show and related materials. Be sure to watch this weeks all new episode of Supernatural, season 9 episode 15 – “Thinman” the Ghost Chasers return!!

As a little extra information I  am adding the following links for you to find out more about the series:

Supernatural Convention schedule

Supernatural Wiki

Watch Supernatural online – You can also watch episodes on Netflix and Hulu Plus

Supernatural Comics

Supernatural Novels

5 thoughts on “Episode 33 – Supernatural”

  1. I look forward to it! I hope that this show is better than Psych. My wife and I could not get through the first episode before we switched it off.

  2. Ugh, sadly, I don’t believe that we will be watching this show either. The series seemed plagued by the same morally problematic material which Psych treated as just normal and every day. Though I was intrigued by the spiritual aspects of the program you noted, presenting at the least a world which exists outside of the material and thus refuting an atheistic outlook, the postmodern amoral worldview presented alongside it kinda makes me want to just throw the television out of the window.

    1. I will admit that the majority of TV programming is rather hard to take most of the time. Especially reality TV. Sorry to hear you didnt enjoy Supernatural, but we appreciate you listening to our goofy show anyway =)

      1. My pleasure. Your show is rather entertaining. Keep producing episodes and I’ll keep listening and commenting.

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