My Way Miniatures – Weapon Team Collectors Pack

tmnt teammini

My Way Miniatures

“The bundle offer, containing the whole weapon team of Ninjato, Bo, Sai and Nunchaku along with a scenic display specially crafted to house and show off those miniatures in a cool and convenient way. The scenic display is made from resin and has slots for mini bases for each character. This display base is only available as a part of Collectors Pack bundle and cannot be purchased separately.”

HD resin cast, 1/64 scale, comes in 27 pieces total.

Sculpted by Alexander Zigle and Tarasov Roman.

$65.93 us

I found My way Miniatures a few months ago and I have been waiting for this fall to order these Mutant Turtle miniatures. I have been looking to replace my old Darkhorse Miniature line of Turtles for a long time now and these sculpts are amazing!


Now obviously they dont want to get sued by Disney for using the trademark names for these iconic characters and I am fine with that. The turtles have all the correct weapons that any would be TMNT character would want to go into combat with. If you aren’t interested in the Weapon Team Collectors Pack, you can order each turtle separately for $17.86 us

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