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Episode 81 – Character Backgrounds


RPG Corner – Character Backgounds

On this episode we discuss our different approaches to creating backgrounds for our RPG characters no matter what system you may be using. Let us know how you like to set up your characters backgrounds, we would love to hear from you!

Comic Review- Bushido #1


Bushido is inspired by the screenplay “Rising Sun” by Shahin Chandrasoma

Stars: 4 out of 5

Publisher: Top Cow

Writer: Rob Levin

Artist: Jessada Sutthi (Studio Hive)

Letterer: Troy Peteri


When young Kichiro’s ship is attacked by vampires, he’s forced to jump overboard. Waking up on a beach in Japan, a good samaritan, Isamu, finds Kichiro and raises him along side his own son to become a Samurai. However, when the vampires that wrecked Kichiro’s ship come to Japan, there’s nowhere for Kichiro to run.


Let me begin by saying I love pretty much everything samurai related, and this just adds to my collection of cool comics. The story follows our unlikely young hero Kichiro, who after surviving a vampire attack at sea washes up on the shores of Japan. Luckily for him the Shogun just happens to be riding by and takes him in.  The book moves very fast from this point on, making me kind of wish we had a chance to see the character develop a bit more. But this is a 5 issue limited series so you take what you can get.

The writing is sound and sets up the underlining plot lines rather nicely. The Vampires are trying to take over Japan to make an island buffet and Kichiro’s bad luck gets him into trouble with more than just vampires. The art is very cool, with great inking and color that really set the mood for the book.

If you are looking for something different in your comics, check out Bushido #1 (of 5) it moves fast and tells a good tale at the same time. (Issue #2 is in stores 10/9/2013)


Kensei (Miniature Wargame) – Indiegogo update


As some of you know I contributed to the Kensei (Miniature Wargame) Indiegogo a few months ago and I just found out that my Perk will be shipped to me sometime this week! Here is a run down of what I will receive for my contribution:

  • 60€
    Starter Set

    One Starter Pack (28 miniatures) + Extra miniature rewards + Free world-wide shipping cost.

    101 out of 150 claimed

    Kuge – The Courtiers

    The Kuge consider themselves the head of government. Together with the emperor, whom they were related to, they made the great decisions on the fate of the Empire. They have dominated the trade routes and the diplomatic relations with distant places for years. Most of the larger cities were under the Kuge families rule also.

    The Kuge clan claims that they are direct descendants of the Emperor and, while he was alive, they went with him around the Court in the Imperial City spending most of their time with court intrigues. They were served and maintained by the taxes payed by the Buke and the Sohei from rural areas. Thus, they got rich because of the labours of others.

    After the Emperor’s death, their excessive ambition and the arrogance due to their believing themselves superior prevented them from reaching an agreement. Step by step the trail of death and betrayal in the Imperial City forced them to trust nobody. They went back to their respective hometowns and to the lands they ruled from a distance to isolate and protect themselves from the intrigues of the rest of their caste. They built their own palaces at those rural redoubts, where they imitated life in court, and surrounded themselves with vassals who know how captivate them with their praises. There they lived, each of them believing themselves to be the chosen one to succeed to the golden throne.

    The Kuge consider themselves to be honorable simply because they say divine blood flows through their veins and they are certain of they do not have to prove their honor. Thus, they will not hesitate to use the most dishonorable methods to reach their goals.

    They are experts on intrigue and on the use of ninjas, who seek protection behind darkness to carry out their plans. Moreover, to obtain foreign weapons, they have started to to let Gaijin preachers in the islands, and these bring with them a strange religion based on sacrifice, and weapons from the distant Nishi.


    Above is the image of the Kuge starter pack which includes: (5) Katana Samurai, (10) Yari Ashigaru, (5) Yumi Ashigaru, (5) Teppo, (1) Kuge Clan Hero, (1) Shinobi, (1) Samurai Daisho

    Along with the starter pack everyone who contributed to the Indiegogo also receive the following 8 miniatures:


    I plan on doing an un boxing video when these arrive so every one can take a look at them. So look for it next month! Be sure to check out all the new Creatures and Heroes available over at their website and be sure and stop by their FaceBook page:




    Here are a few more Close up pics of these amazing Miniature Warriors and let us know what you think about these Miniatures. Till next time  Greenloontern signing off




    geisha light cavalry


    spy teppo yari