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VERSUS – Round 1

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Bout #1 – Doctor Strange vs. Doctor Fate

Who do you think would win this fight? Listen to the show to find out who we chose!

Doctor Strange

Real Name: Stephen Strange

Team affiliations: Defenders, The New Avengers,


Magical Ability: Doctor Strange is the Sorcerer Supreme of the Earth Dimension.and regularly uses the following spells:

  • Alteration—
  • Astral Projection
  • Levitation
  • Shield
  • Telepathy
  • Conjure
  • Eldritch Beams/Bolts
  • Dimensional Aperture
  • Mists of Morpheus
  • Spell of Silence

Cloak of Levitation


Eye of Agamotto

: A White Magic occult object contained

within an amulet worn by the Doctor and

controlled by a psychic link. The Eye has

several functions:

  • The Eye can radiate a powerful mystical light see through all disguises and illusions see past events
  • track both ethereal and corporeal beings by their psychic or magical emissions.
  • The light given off by the Eye also weakens a variety of  evil mystical beings, such as demons, devils, undead beings, dark extradimensional entities, and even sufficiently corrupt human practitioners of the Dark Arts.
  • can be used to probe the minds of others,
  • project a powerful mystical shield,
  • create portals to other dimensions.
  • It has also been used to place beings into suspended animation,
  • Strange has used its light to levitate objects
  • Mass teleportation to anywhere in the universe


Orb of Agamotto:

Another powerful mystic

artifact, the Orb has Magic Detection and may be used to

view any place known to the user.



Doctor Fate

Real name: Kent Nelson

1985 – 2011

Team Affiliations: JSA & JLA


Amulet of Anubis


The circular device that adorns the livery collar worn around Doctor Fate’s chest and shoulders is the Amulet of Anubis, which gives anyone who wears it vast magical abilities.

– House of Souls: The amulet has also been shown to house the souls of many who have worn the vestments of Fate.

– Dimensional Travel: The amulet contains a pocket dimension inside it.

– Eldritch Blast: Create a mystic beam.

– Obscure: Render the user undetectable to magical detection.

– Divine Empowerment: Increase the user’s sorcery.

Cloak of Destiny


–         Flight

–         Near-invulnerability

–         Super human strength

Helmet of Fate

Magical Repository: The Helmet of Fate holds immense arcane power in its own right, with or without Nabu’s presence.

Sorcery: At his most potent, Doctor Fate is an accomplished sorcerer, able to match most other wizards in the Universe. Kent is a powerful magician, mostly through use of his enchanted items.

Personal Sorcery:


Flight: Using his telekinesis Kent may attain remarkable airspeeds


Damage Resistance

Spells: Ability to summon & use large amounts of magic

Illusion Casting





Astral Projection

Dimensional Manipulation

Energy Manipulation

Enhanced Intellect

Postcognition: ability to see the past.

Intuitive Knowledge: access to insight and vast knowledge of the mystical and occult from spells to rituals and etc.

Psychometry: ability to see the past as well as the possible future of an object.

Cosmic Awareness: all senses are attuned to the universe.

Magical Detection

Time Travel: Ability to travel through the time-stream

Energy Blasts


Super Strength

Super Speed

Summon & Banishment: Ability to summon creatures or banish creatures


Interstellar Teleportation

Dimensional Teleportation

Solid Energy Constructs



Magical Empowerment: By not wearing the Helmet, (as the original Kent Nelson did at one time), Doctor Fate loses much of his/her power and knowledge.

Symbols of Fate: The Helmet is the source of the Doctor Fate identity. Putting on the Helmet of Fate typically results in its wearer being clad in the other garments of Fate, unless the one with the actual claim to the Helmet wants to prevent it.

Protective Enchantments: The Helmet had several protective enchantments on it. On several occasions, it was stolen by villains seeking the power of Doctor Fate; usually, the end result was that the wearer went insane when they tried to put on the helm.

House of Nabu’s Soul: The Helmet of Nabu originally housed Nabu’s spirit and allowed him to possess the current wearer; later, however, he was restricted to simply advising the wearer, unable to possess them. The Helmet lost its guiding intelligence with Nabu’s death. But it apparently contains some residual guiding abilities as seen by its instruction of the new Doctor fate.