RPG Corner

This page is to help everyone easily find all of our Role Playing game related  Episodes.

Episode 5: Harn Master – Role playing Game 

Episode 7: Dungeons and dragons discussion

Episode 11:  Girls in Gaming

Episode 12: AD&D 2nd Edition Character Creation

Episode 15A: Live Game Play part 1 – Marvel Super Heroes

Episode 15b: Live Game Play – Part 2

Episode 17: Palladium Books

Episode 22: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Episode 30:  D6 Dark side Campaign

Episode 34:  Supernatural

Episode 36: The World of Krynn

Episode 44:  RPG World Building – Cal’thel

Episode 47:  RPG Corner – Return to T.M.N.T.

Episode 51:  D&D Starter Set

Episode 54:  D&D 5th Edition

Episode 57: Dragonlance Adventures

Episode 62: Horde of the Dragon Queen

Episode 65: The DM’s Guide & Monster Manual

Episode 70: Castles & Crusades

Episode 73: RPGCON IV

Episode 76: Robotech RPG Tactics


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