Podcast Archive: Season Two

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Episode 26: Super Powers

Chris, Kayleah and Greg(the Rambler) join me in a lively discussion on Super powers and characters.

Episode 27: Series Review – Psych

Greg and I sit down for an indepth look at the USA Network  series Psych.

Episode 28: The Dresden Files

Uriel joins Greg and I to discuss the Dresden Files novels and TV series

Episode 29: Death – The High Cost of Living

Roy and I review Neil Gaiman’s Death – the high cost of living. We even have a post show! (1:17:55)

Episode 30: RPG Corner – D6 Dark side Campaign

On this episode our gaming group joins us to discuss characters, the campaign and playing a dark sider. Sit back take a listen and let us know if you have played a dark side game or have played the West End Games Star Wars RPG.

Episode 31: Animation 101 – Green Lantern

On this weeks episode of the Geeks Menagerie we bring you another Animation 101 featuring 2 animated Green Lantern movies!

Episode 32: Star Wars: Dark Empire

On this episode of Retro Comics Greg and I review Dark Horse Comics Dark Empire

Episode 33: Supernatural

On a new TV review, we take a look at one of our favorite shows on TV right now – SUPERNATURAL

Episode 34: RPG Corner – Supernatural

On this episode I create Edward Slowski, the newest hunter in the field, join us as we create a character using the CORTEX system.

Episode 35: Movie Reviews

On this weeks episode Greg and I review Mr. Peabody & Sherman + 300 Rise of an Empire

Episode 36: The World of Krynn

Greg and I chat about our favorite D&D world and novels

Episode 37: Dragons of Autumn Twilight

The Rambler and I discuss the book that started it all.

Episode 38: Captain America: The Winter Soldier

The Rambler and I review Captain America: the Winter soldier Movie and comic book.

Episode 39: Animation 101 – Batman Beyond

The Rambler, The Randomizer and Greenloontern take an in-depth look at the classic 1999 animated series.

Episode 40: Interview – Author Maxwell Alexander Drake

Roy and I interview the creator of the Genesis of Oblivion Saga, story contributor for Everquest Next and comic writer Drake, We also discuss Larry Elmores 30th Anniversary Snarf Quest Kickstarter. 

Episode 41: Interview – Author Maxwell Alexander Drake Part 2

The interview continues

Episode 42: Dragons of Winters night

We review the second book of the Dragonlance Chronicles

Episode 43: Retro Comics – Green Lantern Fear Itself

The Rambler and Greenloontern review Fear Itself on this episode of Retro Comics.

Episode 44: RPG World Building – Cal’thel

The Rambler interviews Greenloontern about his home brewed campaign world.

Episode 45: Animation 101 – Justice League Unlimited

We review the DC animated series.

Episode 46 : Game of Thrones

A round table discussion about Game of Thrones!

Episode 47: RPG Corner – Return to T.M.N.T.

On this episode Roy and I review the TMNT – After the Bomb supplement from Palladium Books

Episode 48: Lost Girl 

We review the SyFy series Lost Girl

Episode 49: A StarWars Discussion

Greg and I discuss everything Starwars

Episode 50: Batman- Son of the Demon

D and I review the 1987 classic Son of the Demon

Episode 51: D&D Starter Set

Live game play

Episode 52: James Garner

Greg and I pay tribute to one of their favorite actors.

Episode 53: Dragons of Spring Dawning

We review the 3rd Dragonlance Chronicles novel – Dragons of spring dawning

Episode 54: RPG Corner – D&D 5th Edition

The Rambler and Greenloontern create a character and review the new players handbook.

Episode 55: Doctor Who & The Strain

We take a look at this season of Doctor Who and the Strain.

Episode 56: September Comics

The Rambler and Greenloontern review their top comic book pics for the month of September.

Episode 57: Dragonlance Adventures

We review the TSR AD&D Dragonlance world setting book.

Episode 58: Animation 101 – Teen Titans

The guys review Teen Titans & Teen Titans GO!

Episode 59: This Month in Comics – October 

The Rambler and Greenloontern review their top comic book pics for the month of October.

Episode 60: Doctor Who Series eight

We take a look at series 8 and discuss the new doctor.

Episode 61: Naruto Anime & Manga

The Rambler and Greenlooontern discuss the end of Naruto in Manga form.

Episode 62: Horde of the Dragon Queen 

D&D 5th edition adventure

Episode 63:  This Month in Comics – November

We review our comic recommendations for November.

Episode 64:  Anniversary & year in review

Roy, the Dancing Bear, Greenloontern and the Rambler reunite to discuss 2014

Episode 65:  RPG Corner – 5th ed. Monster Manual & DM’s Guide

We review the dmg and mm for 5th editon d&D


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