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Tower Project – Part 3

Part 3 – Well I’ve finished the tower down to its base painted form, next up is the detail painting. The following shows the steps leading up to painting.

The tower nears completion with the addition of the entryway to the base of the tower and then applying the sheet rock spackling/patching compound.

Here is a close-up shot of one of the tower windows before it was sanded. 

Now sanded, I sprayed the tower with a grey primer. As you can tell, I didnt spend as much time on the patching compound as I had first wanted. After seeing how some of the low spots made the tower look more distressed, I wanted to see how it would look after it was painted. These flaws (hopefully) will be painted a different shade to give the tower more character.

This is a bad picture but it does highlight the distressed surface of the tower. Coming Up next in part 4, I will show you the progress on detail painting. 

Stay Tuned!

Tower project – Part 2

Welcome back! I have been busy making changes and additions to the tower. Initially I started with a 3 step set of stairs, but I decided it needed to be taller and wrap around the base of the tower a bit more.

Now I know thats not the best picture but it looks better on the tower, you’ll see. The next step was the entrance to the tower, my initial one was horrible! So I went back to the drawing board and measured out the door frame and cut out the area using a router. Getting the radius cut was going to be a problem, that is until my dad mentioned he had a milling machine!

 The piece turned out great! Here is a pic of the finished entrance.

As an added touch I added window frames cut from balsa wood, as I add the dry wall mud to the tower, the  windows will be blended in.

I’ll be starting the mud work this week, so I will have another update in a few days. 

New Tower Construction Project – Part 1

Now that fall has come again, I got the bug to build something. This time around I decided it was time to finally build a wizards tower, but im also going to add a model terrain. I’m going over a few ideas for the terrain but I haven’t settled on anything as of yet. As for the tower, here is the initial pics:

The Tower is a 4″ in Diameter by 12″ tall cardboard tube. (A white robed wizards guards his tower.)

As you can see the upper portion of the tower, which is 4″ in Diameter by 2.5″ tall, Is a bit rough on the top surface. I’m leaving this to give it a weathered appearance, the columns are made of .25″ dowels.

After deciding to not have a conical style roof, I removed the center of the top surface, giving it more of a greek architectural feel. (Our wizard inspects the new construction)

This is the platform I plan on using, but it might be too small for the terrain im thinking of doing. The walls where just something i was messing around with, but I dont plan on using any. (that pesky cleric really want into the tower)

Next up I cut out three pieces of wood to be used for the stairs leading up to the main entrance of the tower.

Cutting two of the pieces at an angle I created the exterior stairs. (Our unfriendly dark cleric is inspecting the stairs. He seems pleased)
Thats it for part one, I hope you enjoyed my initial construction details, stay tuned for more.