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Updates for this fall


Hello everyone, we hope you are having a great summer, the time has been flying by. As we head into September we will be coming back with new episodes, but it wont be weekly anymore. We dont have as much free time as we had in the past so I will be releasing an episode every other Sunday. The Rambler and I did record a D&D session a couple weeks ago and a new version of retro comics?, so look for one of those soon. So what have we been up too?

Roy – Went back to school! Working on another degree and running an awesome L5R game.

The Rambler – Lots of Golf and running the Hoards of the Dragon Queen module

Greenloontern – Kind of put everything on hold, spent a lot of time with my family enjoying the summer.

– Been reading The Usagi Yojimbo Saga editions

– RPG inventory (over 700 pdf’s and books in my collection)

My Castles & Crusades game has been changed into a 5th ed D&D game, so that has been put on hold till October so I have time to write the end of the current story and plot out the next leg of the grand adventure. I found my copy of the Usagi Yojimbo RPG (Fuzion system) and I think I will be running this for next years RPGCON 5.


Looking forward to this falls line up of shows: The Flash, Arrow, Supergirl, Doctor who (expect an episode on this), Supernatural, walking Dead,  Izombie, the final season of Continuum. If you missed out on scify channels – Dark Matter and Killjoys you need to check them out! Both are really great shows!


For the most part the majority of comics have been a bit of a let down this summer, with a few exceptions.

  • Valiant – Bloodshot Reborn, Ninjak, Emperium and Book of Death have been excellent.
  • Dark Horse – Usagi Yojimbo, ei8ht, New MGMT, looking forward to “The Paybacks”
  • Marvel – Starwars, Kanan – the last Jedi
  • DC – Deathstroke, Earth2 – Society, Batman Beyond
  • IDW – Ragnarok, TMNT

Thats it for now, I’ll update the spotlight episode today also so you have something else to listen too that you may have forgotten. Thanks again for listening!


Site update – November

Hello everyone! I wanted to take a moment too update you on a few site changes and upcoming plans for the show. First up, if you take a look at the left hand menu you will see a few additions. For a faster way to find specific shows I have quick links setup for each of our show themes.

Animation 101 contains our animation reviews.

Book Reviews contains well, our book reviews .

Retro Comics will have all of our comic related episodes.

RPG Corner contains all of our Role Playing Game related episodes – Live game play, character creation and reviews.

Also each month I will have a new SPOT LIGHT episode available on the right side of the blog. So if you havent listened to that episode  be sure and check it out! (this month is Retro Comics – Starwars: Dark Empire) In the works we have a book review, Dragonlance Legends book 1, Naruto for animation 101, Live game play from the Horde of the Dragon Queen,  a new character spotlight episode and a new Retro Comics. As always we will finish off the month with our this month in comics episode.