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Miniature wargaming – Kensei

As some of you know I am a huge fan of Zenit Miniatures Kensei Line of Samurai miniatures. I recently contributed to their Indiegogo project in which they raised over 69,000 Euros! You need to stop by the website and check out all of the new fantasy line of Japanese creatures and Demons.

Here are the perks everyone will be receiving for helping them with the crowd funding campaign:

Here is the starter pack I chose:

Zenit Miniatures – Kensei

 Kensei is a new miniature wargame inspired in feudal Japan designed for two or more players.

The characters, histories and legends from Kensei ” War in Hymukai” are inspired by the history and mythology of feudal Japan and Asia. Created by Zenit Miniatures

These are the most beautifully sculpted Samurai miniatures I think I have ever seen. They have a really nice variety of military  units: Dai-Katana Samurai, No-Dachi Samurai, Yari and Yumi Ashigaru, Naginata Monks, Ashigaru with Teppo(Rifles)

I like the fact that these are sold as sets, the Basic army pack includes 21 miniatures ($65.93/$3.10 per mini) for you to start forming your armies. The other sets contain 5 Samurai each ($26 -$35/ $5 – $7 per mini) Very reasonable considering the quality of sculpts.

Check out the Kensei store for more details

They also have the individual Heroes from  each of the clans, these are so cool. I wont go into the rules set for the system, i’ll let you look over the free Kensei Rulebook PDF and decide for yourselves if it will work for your play style. (updated version dec 4th 2012) Let me know what you think.

Also I wanted to mention one section of the rule book that I found very interesting:

Three factions: Before you start to play
you must choose one faction to play your
games. In this game there is a conflict
among three social classes who struggle
to dominate the Himukai Empire; these

are represented by three different factions:
the Buke, the warrior class; the
Kuge, the aristocratic class; and theSohei, the religious class. Choose your
faction and create a clan belonging to
it. In order to give more depth to your
games you can make up the whole history
of your clan, its name or its symbol
(mon); you can also name your characters,
name your Daimyo, establish the
lands they rule over and the internal
relations within the same clan. It all
depends on the depth you want to provide
the game with. Nothing prevents
you from creating a campaign for you
or at your game club; your only limit is
your imagination.

I love this! I love a system that encourages its players  to expand the game out side of just war gaming. I can see this system working great in conjunction with a Legend of the Five Rings RPG campaign. Which I plan on starting after I order my Army Box set! So plan on seeing a follow up review down the road. One other item I want to mention is a product by Craft Plast Games who make oriental buildings and bridges specifically for the 28mm Kensei miniatures.

The castle project

So I have decided to complete the entire outer curtain wall surrounding the Keep. So, here is a run down of of the dimensions thus far:

The main gate and wall 

Total length: 54.5″
Height (wall): 
Height (tower/gate house): 10.5″
The Keep 

Width: 10.75″
Length: 14″
Keep Tower

Height: 14″
Width: 5″
Length: 5.5″

The Keep with an attached kitchen

Here is a shot from the west side of the castle, after looking everything over, im thinking of lowering the corner towers by 1.5″. Possibly even swap them out with 4″ diameter round towers.

Tower Project – Part 4 + additions

Well the tower is nearly finished, I just need to touch up a few miss painted spots. Above is a shot of the tower behind the gate house. Below is a shot from the front of the curtain wall.

Since I was already messing around with the castle I decided to work on the two round towers I started a while back. When these are finished they can be used in place of the square towers along the curtain wall. Then I had another idea! Whats that your asking? Why yes I do think I need new wall sections!

So I set to work making the new curtain wall, but this one will have a tower base built in.

The first step is cutting the outer wall portion (I use two pieces of wood to form the base of the wall). Cutting the top edge of the wall down to .50″ thick by 1.25″ tall. The .50″ Merlons will be cut out with a router later.

Here is the top of the tower section cut in half, this will be added to the card board tube after it has been cut to fit the wall.

The center top section of the wall has been removed to make an opening for the tower base.

Here is the tower section laying against the wall with a loose Merlon placed next to it as a reference point for the final assembly.

Thats it for now, stay tuned for more curtain wall building fun!

Miniature Round-Up

I wanted to take a bit of time to gather a list of sites that carry different miniatures for what ever game you might be playing. So lets get started:

They have a very nice selection of fantasy miniatures and they recently fully funded a kick starter for their Demons and Devils series.                                                 FaceBook
We all know Reaper mini’s, we all have a few around the gaming table. They have multiple lines of mini’s.                                           Facebook

This new company has just released its first dwarven miniatures. Angus and Grom!                                                                                      FaceBook

Darksword has the greatest miniatures hands down. They are beautifully sculpted and their lines include Larry Elmore, Kieth Parkinson and George R. R. Martin.

Mantic has a nice range of metel and plastic 20mm mini’s. Their games include: Dreadball, Warpath and Kings of war. They also have a 60 pack of plastic 20mm Zombies! 

Makers of Warhammer 40,000 and the Lord of the Rings war games mini’s.

Tower Project – Part 3

Part 3 – Well I’ve finished the tower down to its base painted form, next up is the detail painting. The following shows the steps leading up to painting.

The tower nears completion with the addition of the entryway to the base of the tower and then applying the sheet rock spackling/patching compound.

Here is a close-up shot of one of the tower windows before it was sanded. 

Now sanded, I sprayed the tower with a grey primer. As you can tell, I didnt spend as much time on the patching compound as I had first wanted. After seeing how some of the low spots made the tower look more distressed, I wanted to see how it would look after it was painted. These flaws (hopefully) will be painted a different shade to give the tower more character.

This is a bad picture but it does highlight the distressed surface of the tower. Coming Up next in part 4, I will show you the progress on detail painting. 

Stay Tuned!

Tower project – Part 2

Welcome back! I have been busy making changes and additions to the tower. Initially I started with a 3 step set of stairs, but I decided it needed to be taller and wrap around the base of the tower a bit more.

Now I know thats not the best picture but it looks better on the tower, you’ll see. The next step was the entrance to the tower, my initial one was horrible! So I went back to the drawing board and measured out the door frame and cut out the area using a router. Getting the radius cut was going to be a problem, that is until my dad mentioned he had a milling machine!

 The piece turned out great! Here is a pic of the finished entrance.

As an added touch I added window frames cut from balsa wood, as I add the dry wall mud to the tower, the  windows will be blended in.

I’ll be starting the mud work this week, so I will have another update in a few days. 

Doctor Who Miniature Games!

I wanted to share a couple of very cool websites with you guys. First up from the Doctor Who-verse

SECOND EMPIRE – This is a CG-Dalek webcomic

CROOKED DICE GAME DESIGN – A UK based game design company that does miniatures and games (they also have a mini that looks suspiciously like the 11th Doctor and Amy) =)

DOCTOR WHO MINIATURE GAME – Awesome site with rules for the dr. who miniature game(2nd edition)

DOCTOR WHO MINIATURES – This site sells some 28mm generic sci-fi figures(from Crooked Dice Designs) and a few of them might look familiar to you. sold

NOBLE KNIGHT GAMES – Doctor Who FASA edition 25mm/28mm (1986)

BLACK TREE DESIGNS – They have a ton of 28mm Doctor who minis ranging from the 1-8th doctors plus collectors sets.

New Tower Construction Project – Part 1

Now that fall has come again, I got the bug to build something. This time around I decided it was time to finally build a wizards tower, but im also going to add a model terrain. I’m going over a few ideas for the terrain but I haven’t settled on anything as of yet. As for the tower, here is the initial pics:

The Tower is a 4″ in Diameter by 12″ tall cardboard tube. (A white robed wizards guards his tower.)

As you can see the upper portion of the tower, which is 4″ in Diameter by 2.5″ tall, Is a bit rough on the top surface. I’m leaving this to give it a weathered appearance, the columns are made of .25″ dowels.

After deciding to not have a conical style roof, I removed the center of the top surface, giving it more of a greek architectural feel. (Our wizard inspects the new construction)

This is the platform I plan on using, but it might be too small for the terrain im thinking of doing. The walls where just something i was messing around with, but I dont plan on using any. (that pesky cleric really want into the tower)

Next up I cut out three pieces of wood to be used for the stairs leading up to the main entrance of the tower.

Cutting two of the pieces at an angle I created the exterior stairs. (Our unfriendly dark cleric is inspecting the stairs. He seems pleased)
Thats it for part one, I hope you enjoyed my initial construction details, stay tuned for more.