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Episode 58 – Animation 101: Teen Titans



Episode 58 – Animation 101

On this weeks episode the Rambler and Greenloontern review the Titans animated universes.


 Ratings –

The Rambler – 4.5 out of 5

Greenloontern – 4 out of 5





Ratings –

The Rambler – 4 out of 5

Greenloontern – 4.5 out of 5


Episode 25 – Animation 101: Thundercats


Join is in our final episode of 2013 as we are joined by Greg to discuss the 1985 classic Thundercats! After the credits I put a few of the outtakes from the show, be aware there is some minor language that may be inappropriate for younger listeners.



The return of DC NATION and Star wars the Clone wars

FINALLY! After roughly four months, DC NATION finally returns to cartoon network with new episodes to air starting tomorrow morning(1-5-13). Young Justice Invasion and Green Lantern- The animated series are two of the coolest newer cartoons on tv today. Warner Brother has also added new animated shorts to the DC Nation line-up, which might explain the long delay since last fall. All I know is i am really glad to have Young Justice back! DC NATION starts at 9:00am central time Saturday mornings.

Also dont forget to watch the Clone Wars tonight on Cartoon Network! New episodes! Fridays at 7:00pm central

Regular Show – Action figures!

As I was fighting the crowds at Toys -R- Us collecting up toys for Christmas, I came across the Regular show line of toys! Stands to reason that Cartoon Network was going to release them, but I never thought to look for them before. Here is a run down of whats available:

2″ Action Figure Collectors 6 Pack: $22.99

7″ Plush – Pops, Skips, Benson: $7.99 each Mordecia and Rigby: $8.99 each

10″ Deluxe Pull String Plush – Rigby and Mordecia: $17.99 each

3″ “Super Poseable” Action Figure: Mordecia and Rigby – $6.99 each

3″ Action Figure: Retro – Mordecia and Retro – Rigby – $6.99 each

3″ Pull Back Vehicle – Mordecia and Rigby: $8.99 each

These can all be found at your local Toys-R-Us or on thier online store: HERE
I love Regular Show and wanted to share these with you =)