Valiant Comics Contest #2

Hello everyone! Its finally time to give away the second Rare Valiant Comics!  Bloodshot Reborn #1 GOLD Edition


The rules are simple:

1. Leave a comment – Describe your favorite appearance / story arc featuring Bloodshot and why you enjoyed it so much. It can be from any of the iterations (V1, V2, V3, Bloodshot Reborn, The Valiant)

2. one entry per person

3. Entries will be excepted thru May 29th at 9:00 pm Central time

The winner will be chosen by the hosts of the show: Greenloontern, The Rambler & Roy Folkker and be relieved on  this Sundays episode! (Winner will be contacted separately)

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37 thoughts on “Valiant Comics Contest #2”

  1. My favorite Bloodshot appearance is the Harbinger Wars arc. I loved seeing him have to take the role as protector to the kids rather than him just looking out for himself.

  2. My favorite storyarc with Bloodshot is in The Valiant. He is just so rad and probably does a better job protecting Kay than Gilad. It got me excited for Bloodshot reborn.

  3. My favorite story involving Bloodshot has got to be the recent mini series “The Valiant”. It really shows how he meshes with the various characters in the Valiant Universe, and some of his dry dialog with the Geomancer is absolutely hilarious.

  4. I was never a huge fan of Bloodshot through his run in 2012 or the big Harbinger Wars event. He seemed like a generic tough guy with cybernetic upgrades stereotype to me and I never really got into him as a character. This all changed with the amazing “The Valiant” mini. Im all about depth of character, its a reason I loved Days of Steel more than most readers. But with The Valiant we take someone with nothing but secrets and lies in his past to a man who is newly born and in a way broken by a person he just met. Giving this hard-ass, for lack of a better term, a heart and removing his entire persona was a bold move and led into the so far amazing Bloodshot Reborn which is solid gold.

  5. The Valiant. I loved the panels where Kay is fleeing he eternal enemy and she runs into Bloodshot. Movie worthy scene there. *nudge nudge*

  6. I’d have to go with The Valiant. Just the way all the characters are connected in the Valiant universe and the role Bloodshot plays is Fantastic. Bloodshot is one of my favorite characters so for me, The Valiant wouldn’t have been as good without him

  7. Clearly THE VALIANT; that was without question a massively defining story-arc for Bloodshot that will continue to define him as a front-and-center character in BLOODSHOT: REBORN and beyond.

    Another huge deal was Bloodshot’s roll in ARMOR HUNTERS where he dealt a substantial amount of damage and racked up a significant number of kills and/or was responsible for one serious hurt.

    Looking forward to BOOK OF DEATH to see what may still come…

  8. The obvious answer is Bloodshot #1 because it meant Bloodshot was back! but since then I loved watching him become the protector in harbinger wars, and his current existential search for his place in the world now

  9. I recently was able to read Harbinger Wars and i loved Blodshots role in this. He was protecting the children while everyone thought he was going to kill them. This storyline was awesime. I loved how all factions of the story came head-on in one awesome finally

  10. The whole plot and realism of it. Bloodshot is a former soldier with powers of regeneration and meta-morphing made possible through nanites injected into his blood. After having his memory wiped numerous times…,, and PTSD…….do not get in his way …

  11. Picking a favorite Bloodshot moment is tough. I want to say Bloodshot Reborn #1 because it’s such a different take on the character than I’ve ever seen before, but I think I’ll have to go with The Valiant. That story not only gave us a complete, deep version of the character, it was actually what happened to him at the end that convinced me that Valiant is truly taking risks and telling the best stories they can instead of just milking money out of a stale status quo, like I see in a lot of other comics.

  12. The best story arc of Bloodshot for me was his run with the HARD Corps. He tried really hard to be the weapon they needed, but the corruption of PRS was inescapable.

  13. Picked up a $1 debut issue #1 BloodShot shortly after getting introduced to the relaunched Valiant Universe last year via the Delinquents, and was blown away and ultimately started my spiral into collecting Valiant new and old and absorbing every bit. It wasn’t like anything I was reading and showed that Valiant wasn’t playing.

  14. I really enjoyed the majority of the classic Bloodshot series, particularly the stuff in issues 27-35 with Rampage. Kevin Van Hook writing and the incredible Norm Breyfogle on art and you have nothing but win in that series.

  15. This is a tough one but I’m going to go with Bloodshot Reborn. Issue #1 was a poignant starting point as Jeff Lemire presented a beaten and directionless protagonist.
    Bloodsquirt was a very smart addition to the story both as a source of humour but also a visualisation of Bloodshot’s mental instability.
    Great art by Mico Suayan, serious detail in every panel.

  16. The original Bloodshot is the best for me over anything current besides his run in THE VALIANT. His encounters with Eternal Warrior and Ninjak are legendary stuff. Even loved Issue #12 titled, “Bloodshot’s Day Off”…CLASSIC VALIANT right there! A close second is his run in THE VALIANT! That’s been my favorite current Bloodshot story.

  17. I have to go with the new Bloodshot Reborn series because of the addition of Bloodsquirt. The sheer lunacy of it makes it fun despite the very dark implications of the storyline.

  18. I’m going with Bloodshot #1 VE1. Superpowered mafiaso on a revenge mission shoots up heathro. Awesome.

  19. Bloodshot is my favorite character. Even since I saw him bust down Gilad’s door in Eternal Warrior #4 20 odd years ago I was hooked. The return of Bloodshot in 2012 was a godsend, but his stories didn’t get truely great until The Valiant. That and the current arc in Bloodshot Reborn are my favorite so far. Rai #0 being my favorite appearance overall.

  20. Bloodshot…let me tell you a story about my personal experience with Bloodshot. Original Bloodshot #1 foil cover came out the same day as the Famous Death of Superman #75. At my LCS there was 2 lines when I arrived there. I was like wow…. all I want is Bloodshot and I’ll have to wait in this long double line through the Superman boys to get their issues before I could get my book and be on my way. Nope. One line was for Supes….. one for Bloodshot. I don’t recall which was longer because it was pretty even. I do remember rereading that issues 7 times cover to cover.
    What’s my fav arc though is kind of tricky. I love the current run of Bloodshot Reborn….everything from the stripped nanites to Bloodsquirt. It’s like poetry in motion in my head. It’s amazing what Valiant has done to its characters. That’s what makes it my fav comic book company. Each character isn’t a throw away character. They are all deep and complex and thought out very well.

  21. The Valiant is truly an underrated series and Bloodshot’s involvement was too notch. Jeff Lemire and Matt Kindt are a treasure. Hopefully they can keep the fun going in Bloodshot Reborn.

  22. The Valiant is an underrated series period and Bloodshot’s involvement was a lot of fun. Jeff Lemire and Matt Kindt created an amazing work and I hope Bloodshot Reborn stays as good as it is.

  23. My favorite Bloodshot story is in Bloodshot #5 of the original run, trying to get his sister back from the mob with the Eternal Warrior and flashes of 4001 ad peppered through the story

  24. I really enjoyed him in the Valiant.. having to protect Kay where Gilad was unable too! Just a great ironic role for him! (And the beef jerky scene!) LoL

  25. For me the Valiant was Bloodshot finest moment. The story was awesome and the fact that he is the best candidate for taking care of the Geomancer. The “love story” between them is an interesting twist and the fact that she “cured him” was a great. I wouldve like the romance to develop but what can we do. The immortal enemy is such an interesting character, i would like to see him team up with Master Darque. Its a great story with horror elements. Loved it.

  26. Bloodshot reborn #1 my boyfriend introduced me to comics and I am totally enthralled! Made me want to find out more about his original origin!

  27. By far, my favorite Bloodshot appearance to date has been in “Harbinger Wars” for three reasons:

    1) The Harada Protocol: Seeing Bloodshot vomit up nanites onto Toyo Harada, coming so close to killing the Valiant Universe’s most powerful villain was way too cool. It also shed some light onto the why Project Rising Spirit made the character in the first place.

    2) Bloodshot as a caregiver: Suddenly Bloodshot is a surrogate father figure for a bunch of Psiot children who only know him as a boogeyman, a murderer of children. The dynamic was wonderful and I really hope Bloodshot gets to meet the Generation Zero kids again so their story can pick up where it left off.

    3) Bloodshot vs. the Renegades: When Bloodshot almost single-handedly takes down Peter Stanchek and the rest of the games, despite their over powering him. What got me the most though, was what Bloodshot screamed at them, his ultimate advantage when it comes to other Valiant characters: More than any other character, he is at home in the fog of war.

    I’ve been a fan of the character since the relaunch…I even have a Bloodshot shirt. I have really liked Lemire’s run so far, as he is one of my favorite writers at the moment. But I don’t think I will ever forget the impression that Harbinger Wars gave me about the character, no matter how good the movie turns out to be.

  28. My favorite Bloodshot appearance is in VH1 Rai 0. I was 13 when it came out and it instantly became my favorite comic and it certainly caused me to pick up the original Bloodshot #1. It’s hard to top the original for me, especially since I have a lot of sentimental attachment to it, but Bloodshot has arguably been the character best done in the new Valiant U and this Lemire book has been good so far. I do hope they get the nanite back in him sooner than later though.

  29. I loved the entirety of the Bloodshot and the H.A.R.D. Corps run, but the best part of that run was the first four issues (i.e. Bloodshot vol. 4). Joshua Dysart and Christos Gage strike a balance of action, pathos, and humor that is very reminiscent of John Ostrander’s Suicide Squad in the late ’80’s (one of all-time favorites).

  30. In the 90’s I lived in a small town, and we were 2 towns away from the nearest comic book store. I begged my mom to take me there so I could stand in line, not for The Death of Superman #75, but for Bloodshot #1. I was the ONLY one in that line. That said, I’m really digging Lamire’s take on Bloodshot Reborn. The panel where the bald, nanite possessed guy tackles Bloodshot is amazing!

  31. Bloodshot is the best, he just keeps going. I enjoyed him with the Psiot kids and when he went in that warehouse with cows to regenerate.

  32. I thought Bloodshot really started becoming interesting was during the Harbinger Wars. The Valiant was also great and now Bloodshot Reborn is kicking butt

  33. While I loved watching him interact with Aram in the “Mission Improbable” crossover, the clear winner is The Valiant. Nothing against his earlier series at all (honestly, I love it), but I feel like we saw more character development shown in those 4 issues than we did in the 25 of his first series. His relationship with Kay brought an emotional depth and level of humanity to the character that I truly enjoyed. Can’t wait to see where Lemire takes the character. I love that he has a clear plan for the character and appears to be in for the long haul.

  34. Wow! Thanks everyone for leaving a reply to our contest! A lot of great responses, this is going to be tough to choose a winner, glad im not doing it alone! Not much longer to wait now, we will contact the winner on Sunday and please tune in to our episode to find out who won both contests!

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