Valiant Comics Contest #1

Hello everyone! Its finally time to give away the first of two Rare Valiant Comics! First up NINJAK #1 GOLD Edition

Ninjak #1 Gold

The rules are simple:

1. Leave a comment – Describe your favorite appearance / story arc featuring NINJAK and why you enjoyed it so much. It can be from any of the iterations (V1, V2, V3 or other series like X-O, Secret Weapons, Unity)

2. one entry per person

3. Entries will be excepted thru May 29th at 9:00 pm Central time

The winner will be chosen by the hosts of the show: Greenloontern, The Rambler & Roy Folkker and be relieved on  this Sundays episode! (Winner will be contacted separately)

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48 thoughts on “Valiant Comics Contest #1”

  1. My favorite is his 1st app in the current X-O series. It was great seeing Ninjak come back into VEI!!

  2. Ninjak’s appearance in The Valiant is great. He shows so much still and ability. The moment where he is breaking out the “person” in the first issue of the series is my favorite part. Also, really liked Unity 1-4 and the first issue of the current Ninjak run.

  3. I’ve been a fan of Ninjak since before the character was in print. But I enjoyed his recent role in DIVINITY where we were given the chance to see how well he is able to control his inner self and mind to overcome a GOD!

    Face it, even Gilad with 10,000+ year of experience and Aric with his armor were BOTH unable to do as much and required Ninjak’s experience and guidance to overcome and achieve victory. For a man with ZERO super powers, he manages to accomplish far beyond his expected ability, and far above his expected reach. He’s NOT simply a James Bond/Batman/Ninja; there is more here, and slowly we are seeing it…

  4. Its hard to decide since they’ve treated Ninjak VERY well in the Valiant Universe. Im tempted to go with his appearance hunting down XO because we get to see how brutal an opponent he can be while also being multi dimensional. They make him sounds like a stereotypical assassin that just does things for money but he turns out to not be at all when the chips are down and the world needs him. Which leads me to my real favorite appearance.
    Ninjak vs Divinity. Ninjak goes from being an assassin with a checkered past and questionable personal life so being sort of a spirit guide for the Unity team. It is sort of beautiful how he is able to overcome his own mental distress and that of his team in order to complete the mission. Loved how he pulled everyone out of their own nightmare.

  5. Bloodshot #6. Bloodshot is on a mission and the government sends a highly trained ninja after him. He is dropped 30,000 feet from a airplane and barely survives.

  6. My favorite Ninjak appearance was his scene in “The Valiant” in which he is lying in wait in the snow. It really shows just how deadly and skilled he is, and I believe it’s going to go down as one of the utmost iconic scenes for the character.

  7. First run 1-3, Quesada is my fave and this was his him at his finest style. I hunted for that gold edition #1 with the cool metallic sheen in the chromium for half my life… Company was over the next week and locked a cat in my comic room accidentally and it got peed on 😦 …. Just a little though!! Still a prize position!

  8. I have to go back to the very beginning. It wasn’t even the story that grabbed me so much as the character. A mix of Batman, James Bond, and Bruce Lee?…What wasn’t to love. I’ve been a huge fan ever since.

  9. The Valiant! I know that it isn’t really a Ninjak heavy story but the image of him hiding in the snow in #2 was so sick! I don’t even know how to explain it. That ‘sealed the deal’ for me as a Ninjak fan more so than even his first X-O appearance or Unity ties. I’m absolutely in love with this new Ninjak run, and feel The Valiant really pitched it as good as Bloodshot reborn, though not as directly, and can’t wait to so where it goes. Valiant!

  10. The very first issue titled, “Black Water”! Loved that beautiful cover by Joe Quesada & Jimmy Palmiotti. The writing by Mark Moretti was wonderful, introducing us to Dr. Silk. Also loved the fact that he was kind of like the Batman of the Valiant universe, but flashier!

  11. X-O Manowar Volume 2: Enter Ninjak TP

    Aric returns to Earth, only to find Vine enemies all around him. The introduction of Ninjak! Awesome paperback!!!

  12. Every appearance in the new Valiant for Ninjak has been awesome, but so far his moments in the Divinity #3 have stood out. He has a total control of his mind and body that makes me really hopeful for the character.

  13. The current volume of Ninjak is my favourite. Issue #2 in particular was brilliant with the night club using chimpanzees as waiters, this is something Ian Fleming would have applauded.
    Matt Kindt is doing a top notch job juxtaposing the two sides of the character; the suave undercover spy and the deadly ninja assassin with the cool gadgets.
    Also Roku is an awesome character, I hope she is around for awhile.

  14. My favorite issue HAS to be Volume 1 Issue 1. Starting with the cover, it was done at a time when foil covers and other such embellishments were all the rage. Too many times they were done merely to boost sales. This cover, however, seems made for the foil treatment. It not only draws they eye, but the composition makes it something you will return to over and over. The interior art is stylized in such a way that
    I wished I had some for my wall. Every panel was a treat for the eye. Smooth lines, and artistic individuality I hadn’t seen in any books I was reading at the time. But the story…Oh the story. Too many comics portray action and ignore story. Ninjak had a great mix of both. Doctor Silk was someone I was dying to know more about, and the way he dealt with Dominique.. This book, which I grabbed for the cover, had me adding it to my pull list, and looking forward to every new issue!

  15. Ninjak and Roku falling to their deaths and he’s still concerned how much time he has to disable the cams. Hahaha! Outstanding

  16. Favorite arc would have to be his first VEI appearance in X-O Manowar, though from what we’ve seen so far, I think the current ongoing is ranked pretty high among one of the best explorations of the character.

  17. I really loved the scene in the most recent issue of Unity (#18) when the team is fighting the character Malgam in the desert and Ninjak somehow seems to make himself invisible by blending in with the sand and sneaking up for an attack on Malgam. Now that is a ninja move!

  18. I love his appearances in Unity. His “solo adventure” was crazy, Unity 15. We learned a lot about Colin and Ninjak in this issue, how he handles stress in both personas, as Colin and Ninjak, Businessman and Warrior. We also got a nice glimpse into his mind, with his warped sense of humour. It was truly a great little story.

  19. Once I saw Ninjak pop up and was a mix between Bruce Wayne and Bruce Lee mixed with a little James Bond….. how could I not fall in love with this character is the real question. I’m not sure that I can say any story arc with Ninjak in it is my favorite or better than others. I love how this characters has became more complex and has gotten layers over the years rather than just being the 2D character. If there is one book that I offer new Valiant readers it’s The Valiant mini series so that way they can fall in love with which ever character they choose. Most…. not all fall for Ninjak after reading that mini. Just like every Valiant character that comes out or has been out… he is amazing and I would be thrilled to have the Ninjak #1 Gold.

  20. It would have to be Venditti’s “Enter Ninjak” Arc, not only because this was my first introduction to the character, but because it made me love a purple Ninja, something I was inherently against. In it, seeing Ninjak take down the most powerful weapon on earth in a matter of seconds, change his alliance based off some awesome extraterrestrial-oriented espionage would have been enough. But when Venditti took it a step farther, and had Ninjak and Aric of Dacia share a cherimoya…

    Fights alien army. Takes down governments. Wears purple. Eats great fruit.

    What is not to like?

  21. X-O Manowar #19 – Ninjak is captured & interrogated by X-O Manowar with beautiful art from Cary Nord. the art in this issue really finally sold me on Cary Nord’s talent.

  22. Favorite arc/story is the current Ninjak comic. More so his back story, about him growing up with an abusive carer and how that he learns skills that will go on to be important when he becomes a spy. And also the end of each issue how it shows his earliest missions and how ‘green’ he was as a spy. No doubt we’ll see more about how he becomes mentally stronger and how he refined his skills. I’m looking forward to reading more about this.

  23. Ninjak in the first 4 of Unity: To kill a king. So awesome, he meshes perfectly in the Unity team plus I always like seeing Ninjak and XO face off.

  24. The 3rd issue of VEI Ninjak was done so well. The pacing, the art all of it was on point by my favorite was his appearance in the Valiant mini-series. Specifically issue #3

  25. I am huge fan of everything Ninjak. Unity 15 was awesome but I must say the new arc is amazing. Roku is a great villain and the perfect nemesis for Colin. Can’t wait to see how he get’s out of his current situation from issue 3.

  26. my favorite Ninjak story is the #0 and the double 00 issues of the first Ninjak series showing some of the history of Dr.Silk, Rising Spirit and everything else

  27. Bloodshot #6 from VH1! Can’t go wrong with a first appearance and I still have memories of reading this for the first time as a kid and just being in awe of everything Valiant… and still am today!

  28. Ninjak #1 from the new valiant series! My boyfriend introduced me to comics and ninjak is now my favorite book. It doesn’t hurt that he is unbelievably sexy.

  29. Even though its tough I will say X-O Manowar 5 VEI. His reintroduction in the Valiant universe against X-O was phenomenal. You have a visigoth that has not finesse against an Ninja/spy. It shows you how everyone in the Valiant universe can go toe to toe with each other. Also the interconnecting cover between Ninjak and X-O is one of the best from VEI.

  30. My fav Ninjak arc has to be the the very first in Vol 1. The combination of Martial Arts, Superhero Action and Intrigue hooked me from the very beginning! The book visually grabbed me, and the story left me beggin’ for more!

  31. VH1 Bloodshot 6 & 7 aka his actual first appearance. And I’m mostly partial to it b/c I’m a big fan of the original Valiant. However, maybe this gold #1 will help show me the light of the current Valiant U:)

  32. Ninjak’s appearance in the Valiant #2 really stuck with me, mostly due to Paolo Rivera’s depiction of him lying in wait in the snow. In a single panel, it demonstrated his complete discipline in completing his mission and his skill in stealth and combat. Slowly rising out of the snow without disturbing the snow on him – just completely striking. Since first appearing (in this incarnation) in X-O Manowar #5, While he could have easily been two-dimensional, Ninjak has proven to be a versatile, skilled and motivated character with some hidden depth. His appearance in The Valiant #2 just sealed it for me with how strong a character this is and I look forward to seeing more of his past revealed in his own title.

  33. Although I love what Matt Kindt has done with the character in Ninjak (James Bond as a ninja? Awesome!), Unity, and The Valiant, his appearance in X-O is still my favorite simply because it was my first exposure to the character, and it’s a hell of an introduction for a new reader.

  34. I love how the new series is going, but I will never forget seeing those covers to Bloodshot 6 and 7 for the first time. The story that followed was AWESOME! I loved getting just the mystery of Collin King in #6, and then the full on costume in #7. And that switchblade katana?! Totally rad!

  35. I’m going with the current Ninjak book, Matt Kindt is building something amazing and it’s great seeing all of Ninjak’s gadgets and tricks.

  36. I vastly prefer the VEI version of Ninjak to his predecessors. He’s had some notable appearances, but I enjoy our first look at him in VEI in X-O Manowar. I also liked his appearance in The Valiant, witnessing his greatest fear and fighting himself. I think my favorite thus far is Unity 15, which focused on a day in the life of Ninjak/Colin. It gave us a lot of insight into a fairly enigmatic character.

  37. While I’m really tempted to choose his first appearance in X-O (#5 post relaunch…) by Venditti, I think I’ll have to go with his snow scene in The Valiant #2. Venditti did an absolutely fantastic job of introducing this bizarre character into the universe, but you can just tell how much Kindt loves writing the character, and he has fleshed him out well, leading to some epic scenes. I look forward to where he’s taking the character in the solo series.

  38. Sweet! A lot of Ninjak fans out their! Thank you guys for posting your responses! We cant wait to pick a winner! The winner will be contacted on Sunday and everyone can find out who won on this weeks episode!

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