Site update – November

Hello everyone! I wanted to take a moment too update you on a few site changes and upcoming plans for the show. First up, if you take a look at the left hand menu you will see a few additions. For a faster way to find specific shows I have quick links setup for each of our show themes.

Animation 101 contains our animation reviews.

Book Reviews contains well, our book reviews .

Retro Comics will have all of our comic related episodes.

RPG Corner contains all of our Role Playing Game related episodes – Live game play, character creation and reviews.

Also each month I will have a new SPOT LIGHT episode available on the right side of the blog. So if you havent listened to that episode  be sure and check it out! (this month is Retro Comics – Starwars: Dark Empire) In the works we have a book review, Dragonlance Legends book 1, Naruto for animation 101, Live game play from the Horde of the Dragon Queen,  a new character spotlight episode and a new Retro Comics. As always we will finish off the month with our this month in comics episode. 

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