Fall Podcast Plans


Hello everyone! First I want to thank everyone for following the blog and let you know that more posts are on the way. Starting in September you should see comic reviews from me and assorted articles from my co hosts. (Time to Crack the whip!) Also I want to send out a BIG thank you to everyone for listening to the show! We have officially moved well past 400 downloads a month (average), that includes our light summer release schedule!

I will be honest, I never thought we would get close to those kind of numbers. But now that we have, my goal is to improve the show and give all of you a chance to chime in! So I was thinking of a way to get our listeners a way to get in on the show. All you have to do is leave us a message in the comments below, email, twitter or on our facebook page.

Subject: My episode!

Pick a novel, RPG book or supplement, board game, video game, comic/ graphic Novel, miniatures, Heroclix, computer or Tech related idea, anything Geek related that comes to mind and we will feature it in an episode once per month.  We will even have you on the show to discuss it with us! (if you want too)

In other news September we should be back to a weekly release schedule again and we are really looking forward to  the fall TV schedule. We will be doing the following topics: Constantine, Arrow, The Flash. Along with other secret projects I’m not at liberty to discuss.

Coming in august we have our 50th episode celebrating Batman’s 75th birthday with our review of Batman Son of the demon (GN), Episode 51 – James Garner remembered: Greg and I delve into the life of James Garner. Episode 52 we finally revisit the world of Krynn with our look at Dragons of Spring Dawning!

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