Episode 47 – RPG Corner: After the Bomb



Episode 47 – After the Bomb




On this weeks episode of the Menagerie, Roy and Greenloontern review Palladium Books TMNT – After the Bomb Supplement. Along the way I have a bit of fun with Roy and share a couple outtakes! If you have this book, let us know what you thought of it!



7 thoughts on “Episode 47 – RPG Corner: After the Bomb”

  1. A good show, gentlemen! The only thing I would have liked to hear would be to understand how combat is run in this system. My older kids and I have created characters for an After the Bomb adventure I am writing but I am hesitant to start yet due to my difficulty in understanding how to run what looks to be a very complicated combat sequence. Do you have any plans on discussing the stand alone After the Bomb book?

    1. Well.. this was the After the bomb book, =) As for combat, we will be playing a bit of the combat next month when we do the Ninjas & Super spies book. But dont wait on us! Grab the TMNT book and a player and practice combat. Go through the combat section piece by piece and practice attacking and defending. The easiest way to learn it is to try it out.

      1. You covered the supplement book to TMNT, no? Palladium released a completely stand alone version without references made to the IP that is TMNT, correct?

        Thanks for the advice on running combat. I shall just have to give it a try, I suppose.

      2. Episode 22 we did on the main TMNT & other strangeness book and episode 47 is on After the bomb. There are a couple more stand alone books for tmnt from palladium “Road Hogs”, “Mutants down under”, “TMNT – Guide to the universe”, “Truckin Turtles”. Transdimensional – TMNT”, “Turtles go to hollywood”, Mutants in Orbit”l, “Mutants in Avalon” these are all supplement books that work with the main TMNT book. The image I used in the post is from the original 1st printing cover. Palladium had a new cover made when the book was revised.

      3. Right. And it is this latter book to which I am referring which is not a supplement to TMNT at all but rather a game on its own. It is not simply a new cover but rather a complete post-apocalyptic game and setting with all of the TMNT branding removed.

      4. I hear ya, ok I see what your saying. Palladium lost the licence to the TMNT characters but wanted to keep the setting. So next month we will take a quick look at the new edition of after the bomb and discuss combat. Sorry for the confusion but I now see what you have been trying to tell me =)

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