Episode 42 – DragonLance Chronicles Book II




 Episode 42 – Dragons of Winter Night


On this episode of the Menagerie, The Rambler and Greenloontern discuss and review Dragons of Winter Night. Let us know what you love about Dragons of Winter Night! Keep an eye out for more Dragonlance review all summer!

3 thoughts on “Episode 42 – DragonLance Chronicles Book II”

  1. Good episode, though I think you were a little too hard on Laurana in regards to her feelings for Tanis since In this novel at least Laurana never acted irresponsibly due to those feelings but instead consistently put aside those feelings when necessary for the good of the cause. 4 examples come to mind: In Tarsis where she resolved to keep fighting even after believing Tanis had been killed rather than wallowing in grief and despair. On Southern Ergoth when she passed on going with Sturm and Derek to Sancrist, even when Sturm suggested to her that Tanis might be there, because she knew she needed to stay on Southern Ergoth to find out what was up with Silvara. On Sancrist, where she put aside her desire to go look for Tanis to instead deliver Lord Gunthar’s message to the High Clerist’s Tower. And at the High Clerist’s Tower while facing down Kitiara where Laurana maintained her composure even while Kitiara was using news about Tanis to emotionally bludgeon her.

  2. Hey guys! It has been awhile since I’ve listened and left a response. Life has been rather busy of late but regardless I wanted to drop a quick note to let you know that I thought that this episode was very informative. I had forgotten how good this story was and thanks to your review, I am going to start reading the entire series again. Keep up the great work. I look forward to listening to more of your reviews on the Dragonlance books. Any chance you might be able to convince either Tracy or Margaret to come on the show for an interview? I know that Vince over at the Roll for Initiative podcast has had both on his show at separate times. Reach out to Vince and see how you might contact them, if you are interested. No pressure!

    1. Thanks for leaving us feedback man! Glad you are still enjoying the show. We will be continuing out Dragonlance book reviews, most likely 1 per month. As for an interview, I have contact info for both of them so it may happen, but I need work on my interview skills! lol You never know it may still happen, Thanks for listening

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