Episode 37 – Dragons of Autumn Twilight



Episode 37 – The Dragonlance Chronicles – Book I: Dragons of Autumn Twilight 


This week we continue our Dragonlance discussion with a look at the book that started it all – Dragons of Autumn Twilight!



3 thoughts on “Episode 37 – Dragons of Autumn Twilight”

  1. Good to see Dragonlance getting some appreciation. The one thing I would like to see for the next two entries is a little more of your analysis of the novels. You did a good job here of summarizing what happened in the story, but we got very little of your actual thoughts about the novel (what it meant to you, what you liked, what you disliked, what you thought of the characters, the world, the plot, etc.) The little bit of analysis we got at the end of the podcast was good, but that was only about 2 minutes. More analysis will make for a more interesting and memorable discussion.

    1. Thank you for letting us know what we messed up on, it is appreciated. First let me say that the episode was a bit rushed near the end. Part of this was because we had planned on recording all three books at once. But as we finished this one it was clear that it would have made a 3 hour episode. Plus I hadnt had time to finish re reading the other books. (hey its only been 20 years) =)
      On the positive side we have recorded book 2 which I feel it is a much better episode and we do spend more time discussing our favorite parts of the book.

      Thanks again for the feedback, it all helps up improve the show. So thanks again.

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