Episode 28 – The Dresden Files


Episode – 28

On this episode of the Geeks Menagerie, The Rambler (Greg) and The Dancing Bear (Uriel) Join me (Greenloontern) to discuss / review the Dresden Files Novels and TV series. So listen now or download it for later but listen! Dont forget to subscribe to the podcast on ITUNES Thanks for listening everyone! Let us know what you think!

Click here to find out more about the books!
Click here to check out the TV series Wiki

You can watch the Dresden Files for free online on HULU and Amazon Prime.

Click here to investigate the Dresden Files RPG!
Click here to check out the Comic and original graphic novels.


4 thoughts on “Episode 28 – The Dresden Files”

  1. You talk a good deal about being cautious to provide spoilers. Please don’t worry about that with me, at least. Much of this stuff I will probably never have a chance to read, watch and/or listen to. Plus, half of the fun for me is experiencing how the details actually happen much less having the knowledge of the details themselves.

    1. Thanks for the feedback! Sometimes we try not to spoil to much depending on what we are talking about. Other times you kind of have too in order to have a good discussion. The way we handle releasing episodes spoilers generally arent to much of a concern =)

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