Batman Beyond Unlimited

In the current Batman Beyond storyline by writer Adam Beechen and artist Norm Breyfogle, Bruce Wayne is dying. And a couple former, aged Robins have joined with Terry McGinnis to save the world from a new iteration of the Joker.
Batman Beyond takes place in the future of the DCU. Based on the animated series of the same name,  focusing on a young hero named Terry McGinnis who takes on the Batman identity under the mentorship of an aged Bruce Wayne.
As most of you know I love this series, it’s beautifully drawn and extremely well written and it has a unique distribution format. Well it does have a digital format for .99 and a print copy that also includes Justice League Beyond and Superman Beyond for $3.99 (24 pages). As an added bonus, writer Adam Beechen has a youtube channel where he does a commentary on each new issue, You can check out Adams youtube channel here: Wayneincorperated

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