Mutants and Masterminds – Supernatural Hand Book

There are Things That Go Bump in the Night…
The Supernatural Handbook is a sourcebook of heroic horror for the Mutants & Masterminds Superhero Roleplaying Game. It lays out the elements for a successful M&M game in which the strange and paranormal are true and a few lone heroes struggle against the Things That Go Bump in the Night.
The Supernatural Handbook includes:
  • Detailed information on character creation, horror-themed series, and adventure design.
  • A complete system for building your own supernatural menaces for your heroes to hunt (or to hunt them…).
  • New hero and villain archetypes like the Curse-Burdened Adventurer, Noble Monster, Dark Emissary, and Inhuman Juggernaut.
  • ARCADE (American Research Center for the Arcane Defense of Earth), a new organization whose agents wage a secret war every night.
Join the fight against ancient evils and occult menaces with the Supernatural Handbook!
You’re Not Afraid… Are you?

Hello everyone, Loontern here, I wanted to share a new source book for Mutants & Masterminds. The Supernatural Handbook looks to be a great addition to this super hero RPG. I love any system that adds a cool supernatural twist to its game setting and I cant wait to pick up this book. Since I havent read the book yet I’ll share a couple preview pages from the Green Ronin website. So take a look and go out and buy this book! It looks great.

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