Palladium books – Robotech updates and more!

Straight from Palladium’s weekly update news letter here is what is going on with all of the new products from Palladium ROBOTECH line for 2013 and other releases:

Robotech® RPG Tactics: Defense of Macross Island™ is going to be the big boxed game to launch the Robotech® line of 1/285th scale game pieces. It will be quickly followed by several expansion sets, and we plan to present ALL eras of Robotech® as quickly as we can.
It is still too soon for us to announce who we’re working with or any details about the product line, but it’s all excellent. I can tell you we hope to debut it at Gen Con® and release en masse in the Fall of 2013.
Some outsiders looking in have questioned Palladium going into an unfamiliar market with a new product line. I think, however, that all questions and doubts will be put to rest when more details are presented. Our thorough research indicates this is a tremendous opportunity to make Palladium truly strong again. And the talented people working with us have the expertise that Palladium does not have itself. You don’t pass up an opportunity like this when it comes your way. As Robotech® fans ourselves, we are working to make this game line gorgeous to look at and fun to play. We want it to be everything Robotech® fans as well as Robotech® gamers could want. We want you to go wild over this product line. We’re excited. The people working with Palladium are excited. The people at Harmony Gold are excited. This is going to be something special.

2013 will be the year of new RPG book releases. I know, year after year Palladium promises to release more role-playing game sourcebooks than ever before . . . but we seldom succeed. So let me simply say this: My personal focus and goal is to release as many new RPG sourcebooks as I can possibly deliver. It will start with the Rifts® Vampires Sourcebook, Rifts® Northern Gun One, Northern Gun Two and Megaverse® in Flames. All of which should be epic, inspiring and come out in rapid succession. Then, I want them to be followed by – in no particular order – more Robotech® books (namely the two, expanded UEEF Marines books), new Chaos Earth Sourcebooks, new Palladium Fantasy RPG® sourcebooks, new Splicers sourcebooks, the two Beyond the Supernatural sourcebooks (Tome Grotesque and Beyond Arcanum). And . . . well, let’s leave it at that for now, shall we? I don’t ask you to wait or believe. I simply ask you to watch and see. I think you’ll be pleased by this year’s production schedule.
 More for Palladium Fantasy RPG® in 2013. I had hoped to release the Palladium Fantasy RPG® Ultimate Edition for its 30th Anniversary, but that won’t happen. However, we are kicking around ideas for many new Fantasy sourcebooks. I don’t want to get people’s hopes up, so I’m not going to mention what I have in mind or when you might expect to see them. At least, not yet.
 Beyond the Supernatural sourcebooks, at last. By hook or by crook, I expect to hammer out the two, long awaited Beyond the Supernatural sourcebooks: Tome Grotesque™ and Beyond Arcanum™. It is one of my personal goals.

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