Regular Show – Action figures!

As I was fighting the crowds at Toys -R- Us collecting up toys for Christmas, I came across the Regular show line of toys! Stands to reason that Cartoon Network was going to release them, but I never thought to look for them before. Here is a run down of whats available:

2″ Action Figure Collectors 6 Pack: $22.99

7″ Plush – Pops, Skips, Benson: $7.99 each Mordecia and Rigby: $8.99 each

10″ Deluxe Pull String Plush – Rigby and Mordecia: $17.99 each

3″ “Super Poseable” Action Figure: Mordecia and Rigby – $6.99 each

3″ Action Figure: Retro – Mordecia and Retro – Rigby – $6.99 each

3″ Pull Back Vehicle – Mordecia and Rigby: $8.99 each

These can all be found at your local Toys-R-Us or on thier online store: HERE
I love Regular Show and wanted to share these with you =)

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