The art of Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles

If your anything like me you love Robotech! Luckily for us the folks over at Harmony Gold are still (slowly) producing Robotech material. 2013 looks to be the release date for “Love, Live, Alive”, a modern remake of the original Japanese animated movie and it looks like a lot of the original voice actors from the next generation series will be involved. So at least we have something to look forward too from an animation stand point. Rumor had it Harmony was planning on continuing the Shadow Chronicles, but I haven’t heard much about that.

Palladium books is releasing a couple new supplements, Genesis Pits which will be out around Christmas and UEEF Marines for their Robotech RPG Line. In other book related news, has released a Shadow Chronicles art book. Here is the description:

The Art of ROBOTECH: The Shadow Chronicles
The long-awaited comeback film Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles picks up directly from the pioneering space opera that first aired on television in 1985. The breathtaking animated movie combines the talents of artists, producers, musicians, and actors from around the globe, from Los Angeles and Tokyoto Seoul and Prague. Now, all the art – both classic designs from Robotech’s Japanese heritage and modern digital production techniques from The Shadow Chronicles – that went into putting Robotechnology and Protoculture back on the screen has been collected into this stellar new full-color book from Stone Bridge Press. Everything fans seek in a film companion is right here:

– an inside look at the evolution of Robotech and the anime industry over three decades
– plot guides for the TV series and the movie
– in-depth character, mecha, and vessel profiles
– over 100 pages of concept art and production design
– detailed mecha and vessel statistics
– hundreds of full-color images, many never-before released
– a glossary of Robotech terms
– production commentary from director Tommy Yune
– foreword by original Robotech producer Carl Macek

Thats it for now from the Robotech War front, I do plan on doing a review of the Genesis Pits source book when I pick up a copy.

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