Tower Project – Part 4 + additions

Well the tower is nearly finished, I just need to touch up a few miss painted spots. Above is a shot of the tower behind the gate house. Below is a shot from the front of the curtain wall.

Since I was already messing around with the castle I decided to work on the two round towers I started a while back. When these are finished they can be used in place of the square towers along the curtain wall. Then I had another idea! Whats that your asking? Why yes I do think I need new wall sections!

So I set to work making the new curtain wall, but this one will have a tower base built in.

The first step is cutting the outer wall portion (I use two pieces of wood to form the base of the wall). Cutting the top edge of the wall down to .50″ thick by 1.25″ tall. The .50″ Merlons will be cut out with a router later.

Here is the top of the tower section cut in half, this will be added to the card board tube after it has been cut to fit the wall.

The center top section of the wall has been removed to make an opening for the tower base.

Here is the tower section laying against the wall with a loose Merlon placed next to it as a reference point for the final assembly.

Thats it for now, stay tuned for more curtain wall building fun!

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