Judge Dredd!!

Games Workshop

With this weekends release of Dredd 3D in theaters, I thought id take a look at whats out there for Judge Dredd gaming items. Based on the fictional world of the Judge Dredd series from the British comic 2000AD. Games workshop released the original game back in the 80’s with its own rules set. I remember seeing these but I had never played the game or really read any of the comics.

Mongoose Publishing

In 2009 Mongoose Publishing acquired the rights and  produced a new RPG and a table top miniature  game. Once again I must admit I have yet to even page through this book. But I do plan on buying one in the near future. On the comic front, you can order a few trades from amazon, or digitally from the 2000AD web store. Unfortunately they are not available through comixology.

“Judge Dredd is a 28mm skirmish game designed to be quick, easy to learn, and capable of handling the madness that is Mega-City One, from the powerful judges to the lowliest punk or mutant.

Players can choose from a range of forces present in Mega-City One and beyond, from the Judges of the Justice Department itself, to the nastiest street gangs from the worst sectors of the city. Add to this Klegg Invasion Forces, Cursed Earth Desperadoes, Fattie Stampedes and Sky Surfers, and the true madness of Mega-City One is set to hit your tabletop with a bang!”

This looks like it would be a lot of fun to play, you can download the rules book and Block war supplement PDF’s HERE. There are a huge assortment of miniatures to choose from. Judges include – Tek, Psi, Riot, Holocaust, Med, SJS and Cadets. Cursed Earth Desperadoes, Sky Surfers, Agents, Assassins, Droids and many more to choose from. I also wanted to mention that Mongoose is currently running a Kickstarter for a new Block War supplement and Miniatures set. There is 20 days left as of this post, so go check it out!
Let me know if you have ever played the Role Playing Games or the Miniatures, I would love to hear from you!

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