Valiant comics – Summer line up!

Well, I missed out on the X-O Manowar pre-order form, but I did pick up the Harbinger one. This nifty little paper allows you to subscribe to and reserve the variant pull box edition cover for issue #1. I for one am very happy that the new Valiant comics are gong back to adding extras to their new books. These are the start of things to come and I guess I wouldn’t mind seeing them do the coupons again (gold/ silver editions). They most likely wont go that far but who knows.

I am really looking forward to Archer and Armstrong, hopefully it wont let me down.It’s being written by Fred Van Lente so im not too worried. here is the synopsis:

August: Archer & Armstrong #1
From the New York Times bestselling creative team of Fred Van Lente (Amazing Spider-Man, Hulk: Season One) and Clayton Henry (Uncanny X-Men)! Born and raised to be the perfect assassin, 18-year-old Obadiah Archer has been chosen by The Sect — a cult of fanatical extremists — to destroy evil incarnate. But when Archer finally lays eyes on his target — a surly, hard-drinking immortal named Armstrong — he finds himself pulled into an unlikely partnership that will take him on globe-trotting quest to stay one step ahead of The Sect’s next nefarious plot!

A decade in the making, the all-new Valiant Universe is on the rise. X-O Manowar in May. Harbinger in June. Bloodshot in July. Archer & Armstrong in August. This summer, the story starts here!

Check your Local Comic Shop for the preorder form!


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