Star Wars the Old Republic – Beta weekend!

Since the NDA was lifted a while ago, I decided to talk about the game a bit while I wait for a server to let me in game. =) I was apart of the 3rd beta weekend a couple weeks ago and have been in this weekends beta since Friday morning. Server crowding is to be expected, especially on a Saturday afternoon, but all in all the wait times havent been to bad. Plus I have made 5 characters each on a different server.
Jedi Counselor
Jedi Knight – Sentinel
Bounty Hunter
Sith Warrior
Republic Trooper

I think I’m going to try some crafting tonight if I get on a server! lol It has been alot of fun so far, the guild im in “The Order of 66” had a great showing on the Cosmic Turbine server. I believe we had at least 23 guild members on last night


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